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Fujifilmunveils its X-Pro3 online Fujifilm’s second X Summit took place on 20 September with news about its forthcoming X-Pro3 and updates to its lens road map

Nikon enters APS-C mirrorless race The Z 50 is Nikon’s first DX (APS-C) mirrorless camera and it has all the qualities tomake it a huge success

The Nikon Z 50 is a 20.9-megapixel DX (APS-C) camera aimed at two sectors: enthusiasts and content creators. The former includes existing Nikon users who want to gomirrorless, but don’t need a full-frame body, or prefer something more portable but with Nikon feel and handling. The latter includes those who want better quality than a smartphone or compact. We got our hands on a pre- production Z 50 at the official launch, and it promises to be a nice piece of kit. Basically, it shares the look, menus andmany features of the full-frame Z series but in a smaller body. The handgrip is deep and provides a solid grip, while handling is very Nikon. For example, ISO and exposure compensation are right next to the shutter button. It’s also got all the stuff that makes mirrorless attractive, such as 209 on-sensor phase detect points giving 90%horizontal and vertical coverage and allowing the all-important face and eye detect AF options. It’s fast, too, with a top speed of 11fps, and that’s with full AE/AF tracking. And like the Z 6 and 7, the EVF is smooth and clear. Two DX lenses were also launched. The ZDX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 is a retractable standard zoom and the Z DX50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 is a compact telezoom. Get both and you have an effective 24-375mm in a portable, lightweight outfit. It is all available frommid-November.

IMAGE Contributing editor, Kingsley Singleton, gets hands-onwith theZ50

›  20.9-megapixel APS-C DX CMOS sensor ›  Expeed 6 image processor ›  Nikon Zmount ›  ISO range 100-51,200 and 204,800 (H2 extended) ›  209 on sensor phase-detect AF points, 90% ›  Compatible with FTZ adapter ›  11fps withAE/AF ›  Silent mode ›  3.2in 1040K dot tilting touchscreen ›  4K/30p video ›  One SD card slot ›  Bluetooth,Wi-Fi connectivity ›  Integral flash ›  Up to 300 shots per charge FEATURES AT A GLANCE: NIKON Z50

rear monitor flips down to reveal the live view image for previewing and shooting at low or high viewpoints. The X-Pro 3 is officially unveiled on 23 October, so we’ll have more details in the next issue. There is also the chance for photographers to touch and experience the X-Pro3. Fujifest Glocal 2019 starts on 24 October and takes place inmore than 50 cities around the world, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. More news on this will be on our website as soon as it becomes available. Finally, on new products, there was news of the FujifilmX Series lens roadmap. The 16-80mm f/4 (24-120mm 35mm format equivalent) was shown and this is due for launch later this year. You can watch the whole Fujifilm Summit video at •

optical/electronic viewfinder. The optical finder is more clear, has less distortion and a larger angle of view. While the EVF has also been completely redesigned with a new LCD panel. It is brighter, has a higher resolution, features a wider colour space, better contrast and a higher frame rate. “We have now the perfect viewfinder,” said Iida. “We want everyone to look through the finder, minimising the time photographers look through the rear LCDmonitor.” Speaking of the rear LCDmonitor, there’s a unique innovation on the X-Pro3. There is a small LCD panel on the rear screen that shows basic shooting information such as aperture, ISO and shutter speed, but no image. This rear panel can also show the FujifilmFilmSimulationmode in use, and this data shows even when the camera is switched off. However, the

THE X SUMMIT programme was hosted by Toshi Iida, Fujifilm general manager, and broadcast fromShibuya, Tokyo. The event was streamed live on 20 September and was the chance for Fujifilm to talk about the technology of photography and share news of its forthcoming new products. The event featured Fujifilm experts and two leading street photographers, Bert Stephani and Tomasz Lazar. The highlight of the showwas the development announcement of the FujifilmX-Pro3, a camera with a titaniumbody for durability while keeping weight down. The camera will be available in three finishes: black and, in special super-tough coatings, DURA Black and DURA Silver. This coating is ten times tougher andmore scratch- resistant than stainless steel and approaches the toughness of sapphire. The X-Pro3 features a new hybrid

Nikon Z 50 prices Nikon Z 50 body only – £849 (or £989 with FTZ adapter) Nikon Z 50 with Z16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 – £989 Nikon Z 50 with Z16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 and FTZ adapter – £1129 Nikon Z 50 with Z16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 and Z50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 – £1199

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