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The E-M5 series has proved very popular with photographers of all levels and the latest incarnation is unlikely to be any different TheOlympus OM-DE-M5 Mark III has landed


Autumn is a wonderful time for photography and it is a season I simply love. There is plenty of colour about, it’s not too cold and the sun rises and sets at friendly times. There can also be lots of interesting weather around, too, although oftenmixed in with dull, wet stuff. If you’re not a fan of the annual photogenic extravaganza put on by nature, then perhaps you should be. But if you are truly left uninspired, then it’s your loss, and you can stick to whatever floats your boat. I’ma great believer in settingmyself photo projects to keepmyself motivated, and I have an ongoing project on trees. I’m a fan of the work of Eliot Porter, an American landscape photographer. He was described by another American photographer – Ansel Adams, no less – as ‘a master of nature’s colour’. I love Porter’s tree studies and try (with very modest success) to shoot in a similar style, but it was he who inspired me to shoot trees. Anyway, by the door aremy wellies, tripod and camera bag ready to go. My autumn camera bag is very different fromwhat I tote around in the summer. I have a camo poncho from the local army and navy store, great for keeping me andmy kit dry – it’s actually big enough to drape over a set-up tripod tomake a little refuge. It’s also handy when I’mgrovelling around on the ground doing autumnal in situ flat lays or shooting fungi. I have gardener’s knee pads, too. I know I look very sad when I’mwearing them, but who cares when it makes lifemore tolerable? One accessory I found indispensable is an LED light – I have a Rotolight Neo. It can sit on amini tripod, has adjustable colour temperature and a decent level of controllable power – perfect for a splash of fill light in dimconditions. I recently invested in a FujifilmGFX 50Rmedium format digital camera that I often use on a tripod, and using that combination has slowedme down. It has mademe work even harder on composition and cut downmy propensity tomachine-gun scenes, and I amhoping the slightlymore studious approach will get me some Porter-esque images. Well, fingers crossed that we get favourable conditions over the next fewweeks. See you next month for our seasonal double issue, available from26 November.

›  20.4-megapixel Live MOS sensor ›  New EVF with 2.36K dots ›  TruePic VIII processor ›  Five-axis in-body image stabilization with 5.5EV benefit ›  121 all cross-type AF points › Pro Capture at 14fps ›  4K/30P video › Focus bracketing ›  Tripod high-res mode › USB charging FEATURES AT A GLANCE: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MARK III

depression; there’s tripod high- res mode that can produce a 50-megapixel file fromeight separate shots; and there’s in- camera focus stacking using up to eight shots. For video shots the camera offers 4K/30pmoviemode; with the IBIS systemyou get smooth handheld shots without the need for any extra stabilising kit. The OM-D E-M5Mark III will be available frommid- November with a body price of £1099.99. Various kits will be on offer so for example, the OM-D E-M5Mark III with theM.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO lens is £1699.99, or £1599.99 with theM.Zuiko Digital ED 12-200mm f/3.5-6.3 lens.

videos and pin-sharp handheld shots taken at very slow shutter speeds should be possible. Autofocus is handled by a 121 all cross-type AF point phase detection systemwith the usual options of single and zone AF settings. Performance compared with previous models is improved thanks to updated algorithms. For action subjects, the camera can shoot at 10fps with AE/AF tracking. As youmight expect from Olympus the OM-D E-M5Mark III has an impressive collection of creative capture features to enjoy. Pro Capturemode lets you shoot full resolution Raws at 14fps and the buffer starts recording when you half press the shutter button and shots are only recorded to card on full

THE OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Mark III has an impressive array of the very latest imaging features, and it is all neatly packaged in a small, lightweight body that is dust, splash and freeze resistant. At the camera’s heart is the same 20-megapixel Live MOSMicro Fours Thirds that is found in Olympus’s flagship camera, the OM-DE-M1Mark II, with image processing handled by the high-speed TruePic VIII chip. That time- tested combination is capable of impressive image quality even at high ISO settings. The body features a new five-axis image stabilisation (IBIS) system that gives a 5.5EV benefit – and 6.5 benefit with IS lenses. Smooth handheld

What’s inside

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