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Editor’s letter Speed demon

Professional DSLRs can be like buses with two arriving at the same time. Earlier this year came the Nikon D5 which was soon followed by the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. Both are high-spec, fast-shooting, gorgeous DSLRs, and so they should be given that they cost over £5k each. Luckily for me a Nikon D5 arrived in the office for review last week and I’ve just come back from a Canon event where I got to shoot with the EOS-1D X Mark II. If you follow us on Twitter you would have seen some of the things I was up to. Both models in terms of build and features arewaybeyondwhatIneedformyphotography but that doesn’t stopme admiring and enjoying them. I don’t need to shoot at 14fps – the Canon does 16fps in live view. In film days that would have been one roll of 36 exposure film over and done with in a little over two seconds. Would an action photographer of two decades ago shooting film with a 5fps motor drive get better shots using a modern camera with 14fps andmore? There is no real answerto that but my own view is that having the ability to shoot at 14fpsmeansmorepeople canachieve the level of result that previously required innate talent including great timing. To use a street photography analogy, Henri Cartier-Bressondidmore than fine at capturing the decisive moment with a knob-wind Leica. Hand him an 8fps camera and he’d no doubt do even better, but give a filmLeica to amodern photographer who’s shot digital only and how would they do? It’s an interesting thought, but what is clear is that we’ve never had it so good. Just look at ISO speed. I remember loading up with Kodak High Speed Ektachrome for colour slides. High Speed? It was ISO 160. The EOS-1DXMark II tops out at ISO 409,600, the D5 at an incredible ISO 3,280,000. That’s quite

something even if image quality at these ISOs isn’t great. Yet! Give it a fewyears andwe could, when the urge takes us, shoot at six-figure ISO speeds and still get exhibition quality results. Who needs light? Suffice to say, full tests of both DSLRs will be in Photography News soon. Meanwhile, I’ve been testing camera straps. At The Photography Show (TPS) there was plenty of high-end kit like the twoDSLRs above but accessories were big too and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many new camera straps. Many of us keep our camera’s gaudily logo- ed strap but there are some great straps out there, whether your preference is for a hand strap, a pap strap or a shoulder strap. Given the time we spend using a strap it makes sense to buy one that’s comfortable and suits you. Thanks to everyone who came to TPS and picked up the latest issue of PN . Apologies to those who came after lunch on the last day and found we’d run out. It was our first time at the show so we made an educated guess on how many copies we’d need. Note to self: take more. An extra thank you to those who stopped by for a chat, it was wonderful to meet so many readers. It was even a pleasure tomeet one chap whowanted to say hi and shakemy hand. “I am a professional photographer thanks to you,” he said. “I began reading your work when you were on Practical Photography and I always found inspiration in your features.” What a lovely thing to say, I thought, as I swelled with pride. “So I started reading youwhen I was 13 and I’m 43 now so that’s 30 years ago.” Suddenly, as I landed with a bump, I felt very old.

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