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The GoPlus range from Benro features both classic and travel tripods with eight models to choose from. The Classic range models offer classic folding legs and a Quick Flip centre column, which can be used as a lateral arm for shooting at low angles. The Travel range features reverse folding legs, as well as the Quick Flip centre column, providing versatility in a travel-friendly tripod. Each model within the range is available in either carbon fibre or aluminium and can hold a maximum load of 14kg. All the tripods can be converted into monopods, offering further versatility. Prices start from £130. Benro introduces GoPlus range

Before: no filter

After: with LeeHard grad

Originally Lee Filters offered its medium and very hard ND grads as custom-made filters for professional photographers. Now these options are available to all users of the Seven5, 100mm and SW150 systems. Both the medium and very hard grads are available in 0.3ND, 0.45ND, 0.6ND, 0.75ND, 0.9ND and 1.2ND versions. Individual filters and sets are available – the 100mm starts from £86.23. Lee Filters additions

MacGroup and Phottix have added the PhottixHexa-Para series of deep octa softboxes to their range. Available in two extra large sizes to fit Bowens-compatible S-type mounts or an Elinchrom mount, both Hexa-Para softboxes have a removable inner double-defused centre, an outer diffuser and 16 support rods, which help to maintain a close-to-perfect circle. The 120/47in softbox costs £169, while the 150/59in is £249. Hexa-Para speedrings are required in addition to purchasing the octa softboxes; both the S-Type for Bowens and Elinchrom Speed Ring cost £27. Also new is the Odin II TTL Flash Trigger which features group buttons and thumbwheel control for fast operation, TTL power control +/-3EV and a high-speed sync of up to 1/8000sec on compatible cameras. Currently available for Nikon and Canon, the receiver costs £125 and the transmitter £160. A Sony compatible model is expected to arrive in late April. NewPhottix products launched

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