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Camera test 37


Photo funwith the FujifilmX-E2S

Pop color

Toy camera

The Fujifilm X-E2S, like many cameras, has plenty of modes for JPEG shooters to experiment with. The Film Simulation modes are well worth using and Classic Chrome and Velvia/Vivid are two I enjoy. The X-E2S has a Film Simulation Bracket mode where you can select three modes and the camera will automatically provide three different files with just one push of the shutter release. Accessed via the DRIVE button are the advanced filters and the options to shoot panoramas and multiple exposures. Among the collection of advanced filters are such settings as Toy Camera, Pop Color, Miniature and various partial colour settings including orange, blue and red. Nothing radical here and what’s available works well enough. The same applies to the panorama setting where you can set the camera to sweep in different directions to suit the scene or your vision. There are two size options too. Push the shutter button once and pan the lens in the indicated direction and after 20 or so shutter actuations, the camera takes a few seconds to process a panorama image. Pan too quickly or slowly and the camera tells you but generally it is quite easy to get right. Panning smoothly is the key to success here and the mode is fun.

Selective color orange


If you are an existing X-E2 user I can’t see you contemplating an upgrade to the X-E2S. Both cameras have the same 16-megapixel X-Trans CMOS II sensor and thanks to Fujifilm’s totally admirable attitude with significant and useful firmware updates, an X-E2 with the latest v4 firmware, you get the same AF, the electronic shutter with a top 1/32,000sec speed and more so the two cameras are almost identical. Long story short, if you are thinking of the X-E2S you could save £150 and buy the X-E2 while it is still around and install the v4.0 firmware and you have the X-E2S in all but name and a few cosmetic differences such as the updated handgrip, an AUTO button and an improved EVF. That said, the Fujifilm X-E2S is a fine, very capable camera with lots of nice things to enjoy including the excellent image quality of the X-Trans sensor. If you’re looking for a CSC system to commit to, the X-E2S could be the camera for you.

Features Has plenty to offer even though there is nothing outstandingly exciting Performance Very capable exposure and focusing skills Handling Generally very sound but a couple of locks wouldn’t go amiss Value formoney Competitive for a camera of this ability Overall A capable CSC with plenty to tempt would-be Fujifilmowners Pros Image quality, compact, versatile, plenty of customoptions Cons Not much of an upgrade from the X-E2 with v4.0 firmware






Above The X-E2S excelled when it came to tricky, high-contrast lighting scenarios and rarely was exposure compensation needed.

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