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The show must go on

Our exclusive preview of what to expect from this year’s Cine Gear Expo in LA

WORDS. Chelsea Fearnley


FILMGEAR FilmGear’s RGB Maxibrutes bring the punch of a Brute floodlight, with the versatility of FilmGear’s specialised 4-in- 1 RGBW LED chips. Each of the 4, 6, 9, or 12 LED lampheads output full spectrum white light (2700K-10,000K) and full spectrum RGB, boasting incredible accuracy, with CRI and TLCI over 95. Each lamphead’s colour can be individually fine-tuned using the CCT, HSI and GEL modes, while intensity is precisely controlled through the five preset dimming curves via the intuitive onboard menu. The RGB Maxibrute hosts a wide array of wireless control options, including built-in wireless DMX and USB. The lampheads come equipped with 23° lenses, with external diffusers that widen the angle to 32°/44°, making it a great solution for lighting large areas in any colour with accuracy.

Quasar Science is excited to showcase the full potential of the newly updated Rainbow (R2) and Double Rainbow (RR) Linear LED Lights. Both lights keep Quasar’s commitment to colour integrity, while introducing advances in flexibility and network control. The slimline R2 offers a single row of bright RGBX light, and super- slow dimming control down to 0.1% in Low Output Mode. The RR expands those capabilities into a new realm with two parallel rows of RGBX, providing more output and double the effects realism. Both lights house a full suite of wired and wireless connection protocols, like DMX, CRMX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sACN and Art-Net, as well as a full manual interface – no external transmitters or data boxes are necessary to connect. The RR and R2 come with the new Ossium Mounting System, which adapts to many hardware accessories to ease rigging workflow.

C ine Gear Expo will be opening at the Los Angeles Convention Center from 24-25 September 2021. This much-loved event offers the film community an opportunity to meet, learn and experience the newest art, techniques and technology – live – and will be taking place for the first time in over two years. The downtown LA location is very different to the cosy vibes of the Paramount Studios backlot, but it is the area’s most technologically advanced green indoor/outdoor venue, with soaring ceilings and bright, airy spaces – and is the perfect locale for the event in a time when technology is soaring forward. Before the show, we caught up with chief executive and director Juliane Grosso, who was able to give us the lowdown on some of the events taking place. These include presentations from Blackmagic, exclusive insight from the International Cinematographers Guild on the topic of camera prep, and Cine Gear Expo’s very own lighting special. “We’ve been running the lighting masterclass for over 15 years and it’s always a sell-out event,” says Grosso. “Participants this year include DOPs Matthew Libatique ( Black Swan ), Shane Hurlbut ( Terminator Salvation ) and Autumn Durald ( Palo Alto ).” As for new technology, she hints: “Lenses will dominate – and lighting is always changing. Watch this space.” READY TO GO Juliane Grosso is excited to be welcoming back the general public to the Cine Gear Expo

SUMOLIGHT Sumolight is presenting the Sumosky, a new Interactive Lighting System that bridges the gap between classic lighting and dynamic LED volume. With advances in VFX, the Sumosky is the answer for an instant, expandable digital backdrop display, saving time and labour costs. It simply rolls out of a compact rolling case and can be hung in minutes. The Sumosky system has been utilised and proven on large-scale feature films and TV productions globally, and is available for rent worldwide.

A CHANGE OF SCENERY Cine Gear Expo will take place at the LA Convention Center this year


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