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A WORLD OF ITS OWN Money Heist is shot in 7K on a Red Helium sensor and mastered in 4K for Netflix

ON THE COVER Money Heist INNOVATIVE STORYTELLING T his month’s cover image is taken from Netflix’s Money Heist – a widely entertaining collection of true-crime stories that falls

values. More than that, it’s earned the respect of industry manufacturers like Red, whose VP Aaron Jones was all ears to DOP Migue Amoedo’s technological demands. “At present, we’re shooting a Red Helium 8K that has two prototypes fitted inside the camera. We try to put into working images the crazy things that Álex Pina [series creator, director and producer] may write – and technology is never enough. The story we’re telling is new, so we have no choice but to innovate,” says Amoedo. “But I have to stop to think about the luxury of what an international breakthrough like Money Heist has meant for me and my crew – manufacturers are listening to us.”

firmly into ‘you couldn’t make this up’ territory. In forensic detail, Season 5 uses recreations to recall three robberies, interviewing characters on both sides of the law, alongside archive news footage. Each tale is split over two episodes, with one building up to the crime, while the second details the downfall of those involved. While still a cult concern in the UK, this Spanish thriller is the streaming service’s most popular foreign show – earning it an increased budget that has enabled ever-more lavish production

05. SEPTEMBER 2021

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