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commercial shoot celebrating the release of Litepanels’ Gemini 1x1 Hard LED,” explains DOP and director, Joe Ransom. “The two of us collaborated from the birth of the concept right through to completion. I have to say, him and the team carry a unique and refreshing approach to their work. He was able to carry ideas and add additional levels of complexity, taking them further than I ever believed possible.” Throughout the heist-themed shoot, there was a lengthy motorbike chase and masses of snappy camera work to marvel at, but it was Anwar’s unorthodox approach that impressed Ransom most. “G6MoCo’s existing solutions really only scratch the surface of what the company is capable of. Rammy positions himself at the forefront of new technologies within the industry – and he’ll engineer specific tools to use in collaboration with his robotic arms, depending on the requirements of a job. “In our case, we wanted to make one of G6’s robots a character in the film, so he created a robotic head with real character

TECH IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL In addition to providing next-level motion support on set with Ransom, Anwar custom-designed one of G6MoCo’s robots to take a starring role in the action-packed short film

and a mounting solution. All in all, it surpassed my expectations. “I’ve worked with G6MoCo on many occasions, and there’s something special about his team,” Ransom adds. “I walk on set, ahead of a technical and otherwise stressful day, full of confidence, not trepidation.”

33. SEPTEMBER 2021

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