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MOTION MADE POSSIBLE G6 Motion Control is in the business of making dreams a reality. Founder and technical manager, Rammy Anwar, introduces the unique role of visual engineering and the vast potential that comes with it

WITHIN AN INDUSTRY built on technology, only a select few are truly innovating, to make the wildest of new and creative ideas a real-world possibility. But, in just a few short years, G6MoCo has firmly staked a place on that list. “The robotic arms we use are actually off the shelf,” Anwar explains. “But they can be modified to make them even better suited for certain filming applications. That’s what we do – modification through software integration. “Speed and precision are the two key areas,” he continues. “We can offer 0.02mm accuracy with 4m/s movement. You can’t replicate that through any other means – and we’ll repeat those motions again and again.” The application of such tools is extensive, to say the least. Consider multi-pass, extreme high frame rate capture, stop motion and more. All of this hinges upon the team’s ability to tailor solutions to meet specific needs, with the process of visual engineering. “A director or DOP will come to me and say, ‘We have a concept, but we need

your help to execute it.’ Then, we use our specialist skills and tools to bring that idea to life. We might custom fabricate rigs to propel a given object, then map a course for the camera on the arm to move around it. It’s about completing all steps on behalf of these creatives – that’s visual engineering,” Anwar enthuses. It’s not just collaborating filmmakers that are pushing the limits of G6MoCo’s potential. Anwar and the team have worked to expand into multiple avenues, offering a more complete on-set package for clients. “We’ve found other natural areas of expertise, like vehicle tracking. Our fully equipped chase car is one of the only ones available here in the north of England. We’ve been using our advanced arms for virtual production and found that we can use much smaller LED volumes, making it a viable option for smaller-budget shoots. Thirdly, we’ve just invested in one of the best Steadicam rigs available on the market, so we can deliver the less advanced, but equally essential, shots that way.” It’s little surprise that G6MoCo’s unique offerings are landing within the industry in a big way, but that doesn’t mean Anwar is any less in awe of it. “Half the lifetime of our company has seen lockdowns and industry setbacks. It’s overwhelming that we’ve been able to thrive against those odds,” he tells us.

ONE VISION G6MoCo ensured the Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Hard shoot was a real visual spectacle

“I suppose I’d put it down to our passion for innovation. A huge part of what we do is R&D. We like to work towards results that are completely unique and, in many cases, total one-offs. “This line of work has never been about going after big budgets and clients – it’s chasing the original creative that excites me. I’ve always enjoyed discovering new ways to use tools, just because I can,” Anwar laughs. “You have to have fun with these things! “Still, being respected by these big names is incredible,” he concludes. “They recognise that we’re working so far outside the box, and that’s really what we pride ourselves on.” ENACTING THE VISION “I was lucky enough to join forces with Rammy and the G6MoCo team during a

REACHING OUT G6MoCo’s remarkably flexible robotic arms make otherwise impossible shots a reality

“A huge part of what we do is R&D. We like to work towards results that are completely unique”


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