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Manufactured frames fromWhiteWall offer a refined finish for photographs of any kind Framed for the ultimate finish

within is visible from every side. With a frame depth of 34mmor 60mm, your work takes on a sculptural appearance. Anyone looking for an extravagant frame with exhibition character is sure to appreciate theWhiteWall Showcase frame. The photograph is placed in a deep wooden frame, a generous distance from the frame glass. This raised-frame model is available in black, white or brown and can be combined withmats in seven colours. The high-quality frames from WhiteWall provide the perfect finishing touch. As with all its products, the award-winning photo lab focuses on delivering the highest quality and precision. Each frame is made by hand in its factory and includes an integrated suspension element for mounting.

the mat can vary between 3cm and 30cm, and even asymmetrical borders are possible. What’s more, the colour of the frame wood and the surface finish of the glass can be matched individually to the image on display. For something more modern and elegant, Floater Frames are often used in renownedmuseums and galleries. This framing option fromWhiteWall is available in a wide range of choices and can be combined with a variety of image carriers. A 7mm shadow gap between the frame and the photo creates an extraordinary effect; the work seems to float within the frame. Meanwhile, the wooden ArtBox has a delicate and elegant look when viewed from the front and it creates an impressive depth of 35mm from the side. The high-quality wooden frame gives every room a charming warmth. Here, too, different colours and image carriers can be combined. With its understated look, the Slimline frame is the perfect finish for any subject, from landscapes to

WhiteWall has the right choice for any type of photography. When choosing a frame, it’s helpful to keep inmind that a traditional matte frame helps focus the viewer’s gaze, directing it to the subject. Mats are available in ten different colours, and are made fromhigh-quality museumboard or linen. The width of

OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHS DESERVE gallery-quality presentation, and with a handmade frame from WhiteWall, every image is transformed into a modern work of art. WhiteWall photo lab has more than 100 frame models in different styles, materials and colours. From elegant showcase frames to the neon Pop Art frames,

architectural photos, and allows an image to realise its full impact. The unobtrusive frame encases photos behind 2, 4 or 6mm acrylic glass and is available in black, white, silver or gold. The Pop Art frame boasts neon effects, which allow it tomake a real statement. The frame colour (in bright red, orange, green or blue) can pick up on the nuances in the colour of a picture or create a bright contrast. However, if you’re after a simpler effect, you can opt for the glossy version in black or white. The modern look of the Pop Art frame is further emphasised by a 4mm shadow gap. The Acrylic frame guarantees an eye-catching presentation in both landscape and portrait orientation. The closed and transparent acrylic glass frame means the photograph

WhiteWall Slimline Case

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