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CAMERA JUNGLE Second-hand with safety


Buying used photo kit can be risky, but Camera Jungle takes the worry out of the second-hand wilderness


A photographer’s shopping list is never-ending – particularly if you’re thinking of stepping up from an entry-level APS-C DSLR to more mid or top range gear. Top-quality kit isn’t cheap, and your bank balance isn’t endless, but there’s a shortcut to getting all the kit you want – buy second-hand. Spending your budget on used gear means you can get a lot more kit for the same money. Instead of a brand-new camera body, you could get a used body along with lenses, a flash and accessories like a tripod and bag – an entire

Instead of a brand-newcamera body, you could get a used body alongwith lenses, a flash and accessories like a tripod and bag fromCamera Jungle

set-up without spending any extra. It could take months or even years to build up the same kit list with all new equipment. You might well be thinking that buying second- hand is too risky. And if you’re thinking of online auctions or cash-in-hand purchases, you’d be right. How can you know without seeing an item what condition it’s really in? And what happens if you spend hundreds of pounds on something that breaks after a week and the seller’s vanished? Well, buying through online second-hand specialists Camera Jungle eliminates all the risk, leaving you with just the savings and a bunch of kit you know you can rely on. Camera Jungle has a wide range of used cameras and lenses, ranging from beginner to professional level, all of which are fully functional. They include standard accessories such as battery, charger and leads, and have been professionally cleaned. You can even see for yourself online what condition the products are in – the pictures on the site show multiple views of the actual items for sale, and rolling your mouse over the images gives you a magnified, high-resolution view so you can see the entire exterior in detail. If you want an even closer look, you can even visit the Camera Jungle store in Chessington. Camera Jungle’s used range includes compact cameras, compact system cameras and DSLRs

from the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and Fujifilm, as well as lenses and accessories like flashguns and battery grips. If you’ve got some old equipment yourself, then you can save even more by part-exchanging it for the kit you want to buy – this way, you get a Trade-in Bonus. Selling your old kit is as easy as 1, 2, 3: they give you a price instantly online; they collect your kit; you choose between cash and part-exchange. Everything you see on the Camera Jungle site is in stock, and if you order by 2pm and you’re based in the mainland UK, it’ll arrive the next day. What’s more, if you decide for any reason you don’t want your used item, you have seven days to return it – no questions asked. And all used products are covered by a six-month guarantee. With Camera Jungle, there are none of the risks that you’d normally associate with second- hand equipment – you can just get all the kit you want within your budget, and with complete peace of mind.

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