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Accessory review Benro Smart 30 £48


Interceptor One Shoulder £50

Lightweight but spacious, this smart bag has plenty of room for the kit you need on the streets, but is still slimline and discreet. The interior dividers can be rearranged, and you can take them out for a soft-lined messenger bag. You can even slip a laptop or tablet in the dedicated pocket. The advantage of shoulder bags is quick access – this one makes the most of it with a zip across the top so you don’t need to lift the flap to get to the main compartment. Perfect for the streets.

You’re never guaranteed dry weather on British streets, but this bag has it covered. It’s made from waterproof ‘Tarpaulin cloth material’ and the seams are welded for water tightness – it feels tough too. It doesn’t look like a camera bag at all, so no one will know what you’re carrying. It holds a surprising amount, and the large zip on the main compartment makes everything easy to get to. The strap’s nice and wide too, and can be attached to be worn on either shoulder.



CONSTRUCTION 1000*1000D PU coating material WEIGHT 0.8kg

CONSTRUCTION Plastic-coated nylon and polyester mix WEIGHT 0.78kg

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Full-frame or APS-C DSLR with three lenses, flash and 12in laptop.

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Suits APS-C DSLR or CSC with 2-3 additional lenses. Large front

Unzipped front, back and side pockets COLOUR Black, yellow, chocolate or grey

pocket and inner pocket for accessories COLOUR Black, pink or blue



LoweproTransit Sling 250AW £80 LoweproUrbanReporter 250 £114

The clue’s in the name with this one – the Urban Reporter is designed for the streets. First and foremost, its styling is discreet so no one will know you’ve got a camera tucked away in it. But it’s also secure – the flap is held in place by leather straps secured with poppers. The space inside is plentiful, well padded and customisable. Big expandable pockets on the sides and an organiser pocket on the front also mean plenty of space for accessories

This is a quality bag ideal for urban shooting and its carrying capacity is not too shabby either. It can take up to a full-frame DSLR (if it’s not deep- bodied) and a couple of lenses. Add a couple of screw-in filters and a tablet and you are good to hit the streets. The sling option gives very good, fast access to the bag’s contents while the bag is still across the body, and the UltraFlex fit system allows you to customise the interior.



CONSTRUCTION Twilled polyester with water-repellent coating WEIGHT 1.2kg

CONSTRUCTION 600D polyester, 300D polyester WEIGHT 0.8kg

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Full-frame or APS-C DSLR body with 3-4 lenses, including

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Suits full-frame, APS-C DSLRs and CSCs. Pocket for a tablet on back,

70-200mm f/2.8, 13in laptop. Side cargo pockets, front organiser COLOUR Black

front zipped pocket, and facility to take a compact tripod COLOUR Slate grey



Manfrotto Sling Bag 30 £119

Nest AthenaA50 £70 Theharness on this baggives you the convenience of a sling bag arrangement in that you can swing it round to the front for access, but it has a quick release strap that secures it around your chest, taking some of the weight from your shoulder. You can get at your kit from openings on either side, and the bright orange interior helps you find things easily. The camera compartment’s tight, but there’s more space in the top and two zipped pockets on the front.

Solid doesn’t quite cover the feel of this bag – its Exo-Tough exterior is very sturdy and should easily brush off knocks from city bustle. There’s plenty of internal padding too, and the dividers can be completely customised to suit. Access to the main compartment is via one side only and a large opening stops things feeling cramped. A tripod can be strapped to the other side. The sling strap makes access quick, although you can’t choose your preferred shoulder.



CONSTRUCTION 750D waterproof twill, 210D nylon WEIGHT 1.23kg

COLOUR Black CONSTRUCTION Exo-Tough multi- layer construction

with internal camera protection system WEIGHT 1.26kg

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Full-frame or APS-C DSLR, 2 extra lenses, tablet, tripod

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Designed for a DSLR with lens attached and 2-3 extra lenses. Also

attachment loops and straps for tripod COLOUR Black or brown



Thinktank CityWalker 30 £120

Tamrac Evolution 6 £118

Solidly built, this bag is all about versatility and quick access. Its unique harness system lets you wear it as a backpack or sling bag across either shoulder. The configuration is adjusted with strong metal clips, and the colour coding makes things simple. Unused straps tuck away nicely. Openings on either side make for excellent fast access from the shoulder, and there’s a front pocket too. A top compartment for accessories or personal items and a rain cover top things off.

If you need to carry a lot of kit in a bag that’s still discreet and gives you quick access, then this could be the one for you. Its main compartment has plenty of space, and although the interior is well padded, the outer shell is soft so it’s comfortable against your body. Security is good too, with a clip and large Velcro pads to hold the front flap down. If you want to be discreet though, silencer flaps can cover the Velcro to prevent it making a sound.



CONSTRUCTION 600D PolyTek with ballistic nylon WEIGHT 1.65kg

COLOUR Blue or black CONSTRUCTION 420D velocity nylon, 420D high-density

nylon, 600D brushed polyester, 250D shadow rip-stop polyester WEIGHT 1.4kg

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Up to a DSLR with 5.5in lens attached, two additional lenses and

WHAT ITWILL TAKE Standard DSLR, 3-4 lenses, flash, 15in laptop. Holds 70-200mm f/2.8.

flash. Top compartment and tripod attachment system COLOUR Black or tan



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