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Big test

The OM-1 is a high-speed shooter and I tested its skills with SanDisk Extreme Pro 300MB/s SD cards. Lock focus and exposure, and with the silent electronic shutter you can shoot full Raws up to 120fps in SH1 mode – with no EVF blackout. With a Pro series zoom, 50fps blackout- free shooting is possible in SH2 with AE/AF tracking. However, this is limited to 25fps with Pro series primes. In SH2, I got a continuous speed of 24fps shooting in manual at 1/1000sec. I managed 130 shots before the buffer kicked in – this took about ten seconds to clear. High-speed shooting is feasible in Pro Capture modes, too. In these, set how many frames are pre-captured, as well as the total number of frames. In Pro Capture SH1, you can set 60fps, 100fps or 120fps as the maximum shooting speed. Using the mechanical shutter, top continuous shooting rate drops to 10fps – shutter noise is minimal. I really enjoyed testing the OM-1 and it proved a lovely companion on my outings. I also shot a lot on the ED 20mm f/1.4 Pro, and this duo provides the perfect urban walkaround combo. WC


Typically, the percentage success rate was very good. With bird detection on creatures in flight, success rate and tracking skills were very good, but maybe not quite at levels possible with the Canon EOS R5. Image quality is wonderful. There is no point comparing the smaller Micro Four Thirds format with full- frame, because we are talking about disparate concepts. Having taken shots in all sorts of lighting, and at low and high ISO speeds, there is no denying the OM-1 gives high-quality files that could make for large prints. I did plenty of handheld shooting with relatively long shutter speeds, too, to try the camera’s IBIS. FROM THE TOP With a clean and clear control layout, the OM-1 is great in use – many commands can be customised

The OM-1 at full resolution gives files measuring 5184x3888 pixels, or 43.9x32.9cm. With static subjects, the Handheld High Res mode takes eight shots, resulting in 50-megapixel files that open up to 8160x6120 pixels – at 300ppi these measure 69x51.8cm. If you have a set of sticks on hand, the tripod equivalent gives 80-megapixel, 10,368x7776 pixel, 87.8x65.8cm images. High Res Shot mode gives bigger files, but that is one benefit. Another is the increase in image quality of high ISO shots, as you can see here. Both were taken at ISO 3200, but the one in Handheld High Res mode is so much crisper. The result is amazing – of course, this is only possible with static scenes.

Normal Raw

Final word

Verdict The OM System OM-1 is a significant step forward from its predecessor in shooting performance and image quality. It’s compact, highly featured, performs very well and handling is first-rate. A deeply impressive offering. 23 /25 FEATURES

No advance on the megapixel front, but plenty in its autofocus skills, noise performance, IBIS and video

Handheld High Res


Menu is much improved compared to older models, the compact body is a particular benefit and controls are well-placed


Swift AF, good face detection and subject recognition skills. It’s also fast, with 50fps blackout-free shooting using AE/AF tracking


It is £2k body only, so not cheap (and you don’t even get a charger in that price), but there is a great of deal of camera tech in a tiny unit

94 /100 OVERALL

It is impossible not to be impressed with the OM-1. Hugely capable, works really well and is enjoyable to use


PROS Lovely image quality for the format, lightweight, fast autofocus, skilful subject detection, 50fps with AE/AF tracking (with compatible lenses) and no blackout, USB-C chargeable, usable while charging, improved menu structure, focus stacking, body sealing CONS Megapixel count, digital noise at higher ISOs but superior to previous models, continuous AF tracking, no charger included

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