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Big test

MENU MATTERS OM System has installed a new menu structure in the OM-1, which is more logical and easier to navigate than the OM-D series

and white-balance. Here, the systems proved accurate and consistent. Autofocusing was more variable, but still impressive. It was fast and sensitive, and manifold set-up options give great potential. In the short time I had the camera, I didn’t manage to explore it fully, but I got to try face/eye/subject detection. On the streets, face/eye detection worked really well. I was taking shots using the EVF and the monitor, as well as grabbing shots off the hip.

I tested the OM-1 with a selection of lenses, including the 20mm f/1.4, 60mm f/2.8 macro, 40-150mm f/4, 300mm f/4 and 12-40mm f/2.8. Most testing was done in London during the Platinum Jubilee weekend and Photo 24, but I also managed some nature shots at RSPB Bempton Cliffs, Ranmore Common and the Farnes. Several thousand shots later, I am happy to report that the OM-1 delivered consistently fine images. No problems at all with exposures

IN THE BAG The OM-1 is great for grab shots and its mechanical shutter is very quiet. Exposure of 1/500sec at f/4 and ISO 200


tone is achieved in the highlights, but there is a colour cast. No such issues for the corrected +2EV shot, with plenty of detail in the church spire, fountain and the statue plinth. Sky colour is absolutely spot on, so this frame and the +1EV looked identical to the correctly exposed frame. With underexposure, there is a tiny bit of digital noise in the corrected -3EV shot, but you have to pixel peep hard to see it. That is impressive, and the other less underexposed shots look great.

With the new stacked BSI sensor, OM System claims the OM-1 has another 1EV of dynamic range compared with previous models. Exposure brackets were taken in a variety of lighting, from sunny climes to overcast conditions. This set of Raws was shot on a bright day, so the contrast range is very wide. Raws were exposure corrected in Adobe Lightroom. Given the scene’s strong inherent contrast, the overexposed Raws did well and shadows of the +3EV shot recovered pretty effectively. Some








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