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Reader feedback Stewart Chambers Four bags of Squashies, 53,500 steps, far too many coffees and great company – thoroughly enjoyed Photo 24 2022. Huge thanks to Will, the team at Photography News and all the great photographers they pulled in to provide events. Also, big high five to the team at MPB for sorting out the loaner Sony A7 III and 24-70mm f/2.8. Pete Sullivan Now having slept and eaten, I think this Photo 24 was the best so far. Extreme thanks to MPB for the loan, Will and the PN team for the organisation, and all the participants for making it what it is – 24 hours of meeting people I’d not known previously, that all share the same passion. Trevor Street I would like to thank Will, the team and MPB for a great event. A big thanks to Sarah Cole for her company on the 24 hours. Sometimes, when we get caught up in the themes and rushing around London trying to cram everything in, it’s the human element, the company and chats that really bring it all together. I, for one, would have to say that Photo 24 2022 has been my best experience to date. Tim Childers Thanks to everyone who made Photo 24 2022 possible! Now, 24 hours later, I think I might be able to walk again! London is a beautiful and diverse city, with loads of great food and photography-worthy spots for all kinds of tastes. Chung Hau Thank you PN team, MPB and the people behind the walks/tours. Your dedication, assistance and greetings are the secret sauce that makes this event great. Kevin Blow Photo 24 may be over for another year, and it will take that long for my legs/feet to forgive me. A big thank you to all those involved in organising the event – and to MPB for sponsoring it, and for the loan equipment. It will be a shame to have to return it, but I had some fun. It’s been a blast and I look forward to participating in next year’s event. Les Martire A huge thank you to Will Cheung and MPB for organising and sponsoring this year’s Photo 24 2022. It has been a blast!

VIEW FROM THE EXPERT Brian Lloyd Duckett of StreetSnappers led free photo walks

HARDCORE Most participants were still shooting at 2.30am. At Photo 24 HQ (left), MPB beanbags and blankets were on hand for those wanting to put their feet up

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