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News Photo 24: The big day

Thanks to everyone who helped our huge event go with a bang

Our big reader event went ahead as planned! Inevitably, there were some cancellations due to the rail situation, but remarkably few. In the end, we welcomed photographers

from around the UK, including Bristol, Cornwall, Glasgow, Norwich and Sheffield. Cheers to all involved! We’ll have results for the Photo 24 contests in the next issue.

SIGNING IN The PN team welcomes our Photo 24-ers

AND SO IT BEGINS... A few minutes before Photo 24’s official 12 noon start, PN editor Will Cheung gets ready to open this year’s event

SHOT IN THE DARK A late June night lasts just a few hours, but there’s still plenty to capture

blankets for the comfort of readers. The effort was much appreciated. Our thanks to MPB for its support of Photo 24 2022. Photo 24 sponsors: MPB

MPB has transformed how image makers sell and buy pre-loved kit, with its streamlined website and efficient service. MPB sponsored this year’s Photo 24, offering free kit loans to participants. It went the whole nine yards by supplying items every modern image maker needs in the middle of summer, like sunscreen, sunglasses, baseball caps, hand sanitiser, a lens cloth and more. For our central London HQ, MPB brought beanbags, cushions and

HELPING HANDS The MPB team was available to talk kit, offer support and give out free goodies, guiding our participants through a long day’s shooting

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