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“The Mavo Edge 8K feels like a quality, well-designed cinema camera, with most of the bells and whistles you’d expect”

eyecup, plus the cables to run the viewfinder as well as the monitor at the same time, if you want. The positions of these can be altered, as the Movcam rig offers lots of different mounting options. BEAUTIFUL FOOTAGE The Mavo Edge 8K feels like a quality, well-designed cinema camera, with most of the bells and whistles you’d expect of a fully manual, professional camera, but with no IBIS, AF, or auto mode. It’s built for professionals who know what they’re doing. It’s not really a run-and-gun, ENG-style docu- cam. When you add a cine prime lens, the battery options, an EVF

for full control, you need to check the large, five-inch top screen. The scroll wheel is flimsy and not in keeping with the high quality of the rest of the camera. It isn’t great to use, with the side screen lagging behind setting changes and not showing a lot of other info, despite having the real estate to do so. It feels like a firmware upgrade is needed to improve it. The large top screen is bright, but isn’t touch-sensitive, so you have to scroll and click to change settings using the left-side wheel. The menus themselves are clear and easy to work out, though. The kit also comes with a high- quality EVF with a comfortable

camera feels like a high-end, solidly engineered product. The built-in ND is a great touch, but works slightly differently to the variable ND on some higher- end Sony cameras. You push a button on the side of the body, moving the optical ND filter into position behind the lens. Then the ND strength can be adjusted in small increments to just what you need. It’s a great feature, but isn’t seamless, like on the Sony camera. In terms of controls, the camera has few buttons, with most settings operated from a scroll wheel on the camera body. There is a small screen on the left side displaying basic settings you can change. But

CONTROL CENTRE Buttons are at a minimum, with the scroll wheel an essential component

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