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CLEVER QUIRKS The camera has lots of lovely design touches that make sense for a working filmmaker, such as with the battery options. The camera comes with a battery slot on the back that takes a standard BPU cell, ideal for gimbal use. But it also has an integrated V-mount, so you can clip on large batteries for all-day shooting – if you don’t mind the extra bulk. The pro kit we used comes with a V-mount battery, as well as a clever KineKIT rig solution – built in conjunction with Movcam. This large base plate fastens to the bottom of the camera and houses 15mm rails, but also takes a pair of NP-F batteries. These can power the camera or be a backup; the main camera battery can be removed for

recharging while the Mavo Edge 8K remains in use. And with such a big body, you know there are no sensor overheating issues. This extended filming time is made possible by two large- capacity SSD cards for storage. These can be used for relay recording, instant backup or for lower-res proxies to one card, with full-fat footage to the other. The kit comes with two of Kinefinity’s own 1TB drives that essentially are standard NVMe SSDs in nice aluminium housings. So, you can buy new NVMe drives relatively cheaply and fit them in an inexpensive Kinefinity caddy. And to ingest the data into your computer, the drives have a USB-C socket for speedy transfer without a card reader. The camera body itself has a standard D-Tap port, 12v RS port and lens port to power third-party accessories. All this joined-up thinking about power solution shows Kinefinity is serious about making a camera for professional use in multiple situations.

RECORD TIME Two NVMe SSDs (above) allow for relay recording, but do not record simultaneously

QUALITY BUILD Fixing older model flaws, the 8k Edge has an improved lens mount adapter

Like the older Mavo 6K camera, Kinefinity offers lots of lens options. The body comes with its own large KineMount bayonet, which uses a locking-lever system to fasten the lens mount adapter to fit your lenses. There are mounts available for PL and LPL, as well as a passive Sony E-mount, ideal for cine primes from a variety of manufacturers, but sadly of no use to owners of Sony AF lenses. Kinefinity used to offer three different mounts for Canon EF to be used on the Super 35 camera: a standard option, one that reduces the focal length by 0.72 and increases the lens speed, and a third with built-in electronic ND filter. But now the camera has a built-in ND and is full frame, so all that’s needed is a standard Canon EF mount, which we used in testing. This snugs down firmly with another lever lock, so there is no play – making it ideal for use with follow focus rigs. The whole


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