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A silver lining in the cloud for editing The art of the edit has benefitted from a host of technological changes over the years, from film to videotape, analogue to digital – and now, the cloud. We look at how the pandemic accelerated both virtual and remote operations, and explore the exciting future of editing

WORDS. Kevin Hilton

A crisis, whether personal or global, is not usually regarded as a good thing. But positives often come from dealing with calamity. The novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky saw times of chaos and disruption as desirable because of the constructive change they could bring. “They mean growth,” he observed. The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating on a human level, but science and technology has moved forward out of necessity during its course. The almost immediate shift to remote operations and working from home in the post-production sector gave a considerable boost to the cloud – a platform facilities had either been considering, or were testing as a supplementary resource prior to lockdown. “Before Covid-19, the cloud was seen by many as an experiment,” comments Stephen Tallamy,

39. OCTOBER 2021

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