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chief technology officer of storage and media management specialist EditShare. “It certainly wasn’t mainstream, but the pandemic ushered in sweeping changes to working conditions, providing the impetus for mass adoption of the cloud for post-production.” EXPERIMENTAL TECHNOLOGY The cloud had been spoken of in the decade-and-a-half prior to 2020 as a liberating force in both consumer and professional technologies. Despite this expectation, for most people the cloud was what made it possible to check your email at railway stations. But, says Ray Thompson, senior director of partner and industry marketing at Avid Technology, the core technology was laying the foundations for what was to come: “Several factors have been in play for quite some time now. The fact the media landscape was already changing rapidly as consumer behaviour shifted – content delivered

“The pandemic ushered in sweeping changes to working conditions, providing the impetus for mass adoption of the cloud”

anywhere, on any device, at any time – had ripple effects on operational and economic models for media companies throughout the delivery pipeline.” Thompson adds that, although people in post-production understood the eventual benefits of moving to the cloud, the whole platform was still regarded as emerging rather than established. Like other editing system manufacturers, Avid produced a system specifically for the new platform, Edit on Demand, which was designed to allow distributed teams to collaborate on shows from wherever they were working. Adobe Premiere Pro similarly enables multiple users to work together on cloud-shared projects

from remote locations. “Media can be stored on a shared location in the cloud, and the same project can be accessed and edited by whoever has permission,” explains Margot Nack, senior product manager for video cloud workflows at Adobe. “It doesn’t require a virtualised machine or VPN [virtual private network]. We anticipate more teams moving to proxy workflows that allow even easier sharing in the cloud. Not only that, but with camera-to-cloud technology, media is directly uploaded to the cloud from set instantly.” In August this year, Adobe bought cloud-based collaborative workflow platform developer, which had launched its Camera to Cloud (C2C) system


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