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Running an at-home studio requires ingenuity, determination – and advanced kit that brings ideas to life. For Sarah Hodgetts, testing the Samsung Portable SSD X5 felt like taking a step into the future

FOR MANY FILMMAKERS, the past year posed huge challenges. While most coped in whatever small ways they could, seasoned professional Sarah Hodgetts took a bold step and launched Tiny Studio – a small, at-home production hub, specialising in product and e-commerce content. “I write and direct, but also have a technical skill set, so you’ll often find me shooting, lighting and editing. I’m a filmmaking Swiss army knife!” Hodgetts laughs. “My partner and I developed Tiny Studio some months ago, and we’ve made films for various brands, agencies, charities and broadcasters throughout lockdown. “We’ve been busier than ever since April, so adding the Samsung Portable SSD X5 to our hardware portfolio has been hugely beneficial. It’s helped with file management, editing, the transfer of footage between work stations – or supporting freelance creatives alongside us.” Hodgetts often works with footage sent in from outside the studio, and it’s easy to

imagine that with such varied practices, she has to be equipped to deal with anything. “I get Raw files from many of the industry-leading cinema cameras,” Hodgetts continues. “Those files are big and the edits are even bigger, so everything starts to move a little slower. In these cases, you need every link in the chain to be as fast and reliable as possible. The whole workflow depends on it. Usually, I experience a lot of lag, but now transfers and editing are as smooth as butter.” As far as speed goes, there’s no better option than the Samsung Portable SSD X5, with top read and write speeds of 2800MB/s and 2300MB/s, respectively. To offer some perspective, this is over 20x faster than many advanced external hard drives. Speed is facilitated by Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, which offers the greatest bandwidth on the market. It wasn’t just the 40Gbps performance that impressed Hodgetts, though.


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