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THE INSIDE SCOOP With food shoots in particular – never mind ones involving ice cream – time is of the essence. There are no precious seconds to waste offloading files, and with the Samsung Portable SSD X5, you won’t have to

“Having a robust connection removes the need for middle-man adapters, which are prone to faults,” she explains. “Everything about the portable drive’s design is optimised with production in mind. It won’t disconnect at random and it won’t overheat, thanks to the heatguard – it’s excellent.” Of course, this isn’t just a matter of efficiency. For hard-working professionals, there’s more at stake. Results have to be delivered – well, and on time. “There is certainly a lot of pressure whenever you work on a sizeable project. Peace of mind goes a long way, and the Samsung Portable SSD X5 is the most trusted portable drive I’ve used.” With content that’s frequently sensitive in nature, Hodgetts also admired the hardy security. The Samsung Portable SSD X5 has password protection, backed by AES 256- bit encryption. There’s physical security, too: 2m drop resistance and a three-year warranty, offering additional peace of mind. The experience has been revolutionary for Hodgetts, who’s certainly sold on the portable drive as a whole. “I’ve never pushed the limits of a drive; I’ve not been confident it could handle the challenge. But I can consider so much more now. It’s portable, high-security and high- quality,” Hodgetts enthuses. “To go back to my old, slower drives would be a step back in time! The Samsung Portable SSD X5 is our go- to at Tiny Studio and it hasn’t let us down.”

SMALL SPACE, BIG IDEAS In Hodgetts’ Tiny Studio, maximising space is crucial – but with the Samsung Portable SSD X5, that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing speed and usability. It’s sleek, palm-sized and weighs only 150g

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