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11 NEWSFEED Updates & Upgrades

The first undertaking by NewTek under the gaze of new owners VizRT was the announcement of NDI 4, which adds new capabilities to make video production over IP faster and more efficient. NDI 4 includes the ability to record an unlimited number of NDI video channels with full synchronisation, in any video or audio format, including 4K and above. NDI video sources are recorded without recompression, providing the ability to ISO-record any NEWTEK NDI 4

number of channels, limited only by disk and network performance. Recordings are time-stamped and time-base corrected, ensuring that any number of channels on any number of machines are fully synchronised, meaning NDI is now a viable option when it comes to producing any number of multi-camera events, from studio recordings to sports and more. NDI 4 boasts improved video quality without an increase in bitrate, support for

a 16-bit video path and more input and output colour formats. It provides support for a discovery server allowing for the use of a server or the cloud to coordinate and connect all sources. NDI 4 for is also good for gamers: it now supports the Epic Games Unreal Engine, making it possible for apps created in Unreal to appear as NDI sources. At NAB, Will Waters, VP of Worldwide Customer Success, told FEED that over 63 booths were using the tool at the show. DELUXE ONE AI It was announced that Deluxe One, Deluxe’s cloud-based asset management platform that allows content owners to view and manage their content – from creation to delivery – all in one place, now incorporates AI technology. AI will help accelerate content identification, matching, conformance and processing of component audio files, subtitles and textless/texted material. This allows the system to scan large catalogues of unidentified and/or uncorrelated assets to associate them to the proper picture master for faster time to market. Once assets are complete, content owners will be able to power their own OTT application directly from the platform. The platform has a similar UI to Netflix, but the assets are completely customisable and can be tweaked based on performance data.


MediaKind is taking an as-a-service (aaS) approach to 360° live video with the launch of Cygnus, a cloud-based workflow for live video processing and multi- platform publishing service. Cygnus enables TV operators and content owners to deliver 360° live video to consumers, either directly via a head-mounted device or viewed on a multiscreen device as a companion to existing HD/UHD broadcast or streamed services. The content can be captured and processed in up to 8K and delivered in the suitable resolutions and formats for live publishing to an operator’s app or social media platform, while maintaining optimised delivery bitrates between 10- 15mbps and without raising CDN costs. The service also offers technical support and monitoring to operators throughout the staging and broadcasting of an event, therefore reducing delivery risk and the need for additional cost of placing skilled staff on-site.

MediaKind anticipates Cygnus will appeal to broadcasters and operators with content rights, especially in premium sport and esports content, allowing them to access new monetisation opportunities and reduce churn, giving viewers and subscribers better value for money by watching an event on a pay-per-view basis or via advertising. Angel Ruiz, MediaKind CEO, says, “we are providing the tools to put fans of live sports, esports and music in the producer’s seat, with the opportunity to self-curate and become more engaged in their favourite content in a way they never have before.”

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