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CANON RF 10-20MM F/4L IS STM C anon is introducing a full-frame, ultra-wide-angle lens – the RF 10-20mm f/4L IS STM – to its line-up.

The RF 10-20mm comes with both a programmable lens button and control ring as well as a built-in hood. It’s dust- and moisture-resistant with an added fluorine coating for extra measure. Now available for pre-order, the lens comes in at £2579.99/$2299.

Available in November, the optic is built for both pros and enthusiasts looking to capture standout videos and stills, proving especially useful for weddings, landscapes, interiors and corporate. The latest lens continues Canon’s L-series legacy, combining exceptional optical innovation with modern mirrorless considerations. According to Canon, it’s the widest-angle AF zoom in the world. Features include image stabilisation, helping to minimise ‘fluttering’ at the frame’s edges, a compact and lightweight build and an incredibly quiet focus drive motor.


• Maximum aperture: F/4 • Close focusing distance: 0.25m • Weight: 570g • Dimensions (dxl): 83.7x112mm


T he latest from Vista by Chroma-Q, the Vista 3 Release 4 (R4) is a lighting and media control software that offers more than 200 improvements from previous models. These fresh features include support for the NewTek NDI video protocol and Ableton Link. The Vista 3 R4 can stream video content from any NDI source on a given network directly into the software.

Its matrix pixel mapper creates arrangements in every colour without necessitating third-party lighting data merges. The R4 also offers live content previews – whether from a media server, visualiser, live studio or stage camera – in a dedicated window. Ableton Link connects devices so they’re always keeping the same time, proving especially useful for sound

designers and others working with audio. The Vista 3 R4 can use Ableton Link to sync with sound desks, ensuring that studio and stage lighting is on track with every performance.


I t’s an exciting time for VR creators: Canon’s RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye lens is now compatible with the EOS R6 Mark II. The update introduces electronic image stabilisation, applied through EOS VR Utility, allowing users to shoot while moving. Stabilisation of VR clips improves viewer experience, minimising motion blur and creating a more lifelike image. Canon’s VR expansion is a response to the growing demand for immersive content. With the new 360º VR export, Canon expands editing scope for its users, with additional ‘side by side’ and ‘top bottom’ export. New Raw settings allow users to sharpen edges and reduce noise, furthering realism.



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