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ELATION KL SPOT IP T he KL Spot IP from Elation features an adjustable lens to create beams of various sizes and built-in colour presets with temperatures from 2400 to 8500K. The LED engine is a full-spectrum RGBMA, delivering exceptional colour accuracy at 10,600+ lumens. It includes a virtual gel library, eliminating need for gels or filters. The fixture comes with 13 glass gobos (six rotating/indexing and seven fixed), letting users manipulate it for a desired effect – from soft, organic light to intense, colourful looks. The KL Spot IP minimises light spillage with precise beam control. Finally, its high-speed shutter and cooling fan operate silently thanks to Mute Mode.

B ebob’s new four- and eight-channel li-ion chargers suit customers and rental companies with large stocks of batteries. They’re easily mountable on walls, ideal for both storing and charging. Available in five versions – A-Mount, V-Mount, B-Mount, Vmicro and Amicro – the chargers can support between four and eight batteries at a time. Each charging station provides 168W of output power and 16.8v with 10A – and thanks to AC loop-through connection, up to 15 stations can be connected to one fuse. Depending on battery type and capacity, a complete charge can take anything between one and five hours, with a multicolour indicator signifying the charging status. Each charger weighs close to 4kg and measures 270mm wide by 410mm deep, with height depending on the model. Bebob chargers start at €1090/$1190. BEBOB FOUR- AND EIGHT-CHANNEL CHARGERS

• Weight: 3.87kg to 4.30kg • Charging current: 16.8v x 10A • AC input: 90-264v/47-63Hz/200W • Operating temperature: -10ºC to +35ºC SPECIFICATIONS


R OE Visual’s Ruby RB1.2 LED panel is the newest addition to the Ruby Rental range. The panel promises exceptional contrast and colour accuracy as well as minimal reflection thanks to its optimised black body. Boasting such a robust build ensures its versatility, proving useful in a variety of applications – from live events and broadcasts to studio shoots. The RB1.2 supports 16-bit colour depth, promising to produce an infinite spectrum of shades and preserve skin tones. The unit comes equipped as a four-in-one LED package, reducing its power consumption while encouraging frequent handling. The RB1.2 sits alongside the RB1.5, RB2.3 and RB2.6, as well as the Ruby VP series. To learn more, enquire at



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