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Established in 2008, La Planète Rouge is a creative powerhouse LA PLANÈTE ROUGE Marseille, France specialising in virtual production, VFX and post-production. With over 15 years’ experience, their talented team collaborates closely with filmmakers, brands and agencies, offering a blend of creative and technical expertise. In 2021, they launched The Next Stage, a futuristic virtual production facility within Provence Studios which spans 22 hectares, providing unique shooting facilities and versatile infrastructure to support both French and international productions.


One of Europe’s largest fixed virtual production facilities, ARRI Stage London has been developed and delivered by a team deeply rooted in the film industry. Located on the same site as ARRI Rental – providing easy access to shooting packages – it has delivered in-camera VFX for a range of high-profile projects. A recent shoot for the Chemical Brothers’ latest promo film showed off the facility’s potential. “The concept was that of transitioning through several different environments within a single take: something we believe hasn’t been attempted previously,” explains David Levy, director business development. “Using Unreal Engine’s sequencer tools, the ARRI Stage London team provided the production with full 3D control over each environment in an animated sequence. Careful coordination was essential: virtual transitions, lighting sequencing, camera movement, set



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