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WORDS Nicola Foley

Definition takes a tour around some of the globe’s top virtual production facilities

HYPERBOWL Munich, Germany

Located near Munich, Hyperbowl is one of the largest and most prolific VP studios in Europe, having played a key role in around 150 productions in the past three years. The facility boasts a seamless 270° LED stage, with a 260 sq m LED ceiling and 240 sq m LED wall. The space is so generous you can drive a bus inside with ease, while the closed-ceiling configuration gives filmmakers seamless transitions between horizon and sky – something impossible to achieve on most stages. The location in Penzing Studios offers easy access to all you might need for a shoot – from set design to film tech and crew, while the space is well served with plenty of ancillary areas, such as a production office, mask rooms, a dressing room and catering area. “We get inside your vision, help to realise it technically and creatively, and offer comprehensive production services, in our own studio and beyond,” sums up Lisa Fickentscher from the Hyperbowl team. “We can take the client and guide them to help them get the best result – plus we can help to save costs if we are part of the creative process early enough. This expertise is our biggest asset.”


Broadley, located in central London, thrives on unlocking the creative potential of its customers. Its tagline? “If you can imagine it, we can film it.” One of the capital’s longest running TV and film production facilities, Broadley added a new string to its bow this summer with the launch of its virtual production offering, powered by Brainstorm’s InfinitySet, Unreal Engine, Aston 3D graphics and the Mo-Sys StarTracker Max. The process embraces a chroma green screen as opposed to an LED volume (chosen for its sustainability credentials), and as well as minimising energy consumption, the team are keen on making budget savings wherever possible for their clients. “We have two BROADLEY STUDIO London, UK

flexible broadcast studios producing a variety of award-winning content, as well as offering dynamic hybrid virtual events, live streaming and broadcasting with two fibre lines,” comments Richard from the Broadley team. “Our multi- skilled producers, technicians and crew offer a wide range of technical support and production solutions for all clients, and we offer a full consultation service and virtual set design with end-to-end production services.”



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