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FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES Partridge filming for the BBC’s Blue Peter – climbing the Old Man of Hoy, Orkney with Anna Taylor

for National Geographic and avalanches for the BBC. “I think we’re very complimentary,” says Partridge of their collaboration on the workshop. “If we want to delve deep into technology and technique, Michael pushes it in my direction, and if we want to explore the more cerebral stuff, we push it in his direction. We dovetail well.” Definition: At the Banff workshop, do you find a preponderance of mountaineers wanting to film or filmmakers wanting to learn how to shoot on mountains? Michael Brown: Usually, people are one or the other. It’s unusual to find people like Keith and I who are accomplished at both – and we want to inspire that cross- pollination. For the mountaineer, they need to have the ability to tell stories and learn these skills in order to convince sponsors to put money towards their projects. For those that come primarily with a love of the art of storytelling, we encourage them to learn the skills so

Void . His work has been featured in films for the BBC, Disney+, Netflix, Discovery, Channel 4, ITV, National Geographic, Pathe Films and 20th Century Fox. Michael Brown, meanwhile, has been to the summit of Mount Everest with cameras rolling five times. His work as a director and DOP covering adventure sports has taken him to all seven continents and he’s won three

national Emmy Awards as well as the Giant Screen Cinema Association Outstanding Cinematography Award. He is also a recipient of the International Alliance For Mountain Film’s Grand Prix, and the Explorers Festival’s Camera Extreme award. His cinematography has captured mountain climbing for IMAX movies, ice caves for NOVA, tornadoes for Discovery, science at the South Pole



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