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“You really do get the best of both worlds. You get to go home, but you get the fun of being a boarder” Tilda, current Home Boarder

ACADEMIC RESULTS Through the provision of the broad and balanced curriculum, The Leys continues to flourish academically. The summer of 2019 saw outstanding A-level results with a 100% pass rate and 52% of results being graded A/A*. Results were also excellent at GCSE; a staggering 21% were the top grade 9 and almost 2/3 of pupils were awarded grade 7 and above. However, exam results are just the outcome; the process of teaching and learning is the core priority and remains at the heart of life at The Leys. A HOME FROM HOME The Leys is, at heart, a boarding school where 70% of pupils are fully immersed in the boarding life of the school. In addition to the traditional Full Boarding option, The Leys offers Home Boarding, giving pupils from local families the best of both worlds; pupils participate in the boarding pupils’ routines, eating supper in school, completing their homework and taking part in evening activities before going home at around 8.30pm to enjoy family life. They are, to all intents and purposes, boarders, fully-fledged members of the boarding

themselves in as many options as possible. Sport, too, plays a big part in helping pupils develop key life skills. As well as the traditional sports such as tennis, rugby, hockey, cricket and netball, the school also offers opportunities for pupils to enjoy rowing, swimming, water polo or squash (among many others). The sporting facilities at The Leys are outstanding and are the envy of many other schools. SCHOLARSHIPS For those with a particular interest or talent, scholarships are available in academia, sport, drama, music, art and STEM (STEM at 13+ only). Each award is worth 5% of the fees and pupils may apply for more than one. In some instances, these can be topped up with means-tested bursaries. More information can be found on the website.

houses, balancing their busy school lives with quality family time. Day pupils also benefit from the fulfilling life that being part of a vibrant boarding community brings. Day pupils have their own houses, but share all the same facilities, wider curricular opportunities and lessons with their boarding friends. OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM There are over 100 weekly clubs and activities outside of the classroom to choose from at The Leys. Participation in the wider curriculum is important, because it is enjoyable, but also because it helps to build confidence and soft skills that will prove vital in later life. There is no shortage of opportunity, from CCF to Chess Club, D of E to drama workshops. Pupils are encouraged to involve


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