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Grace , we needed a load of grip equipment – head, bazookas, legs – and Joel at CVP got it on-set for us. Now, I own kit to make jobs happen, which I can reuse going forward. It’s helped expand my shooting vocabulary and how I work on-set.” When we talked, Honeywell was in the early stages of production on a BBC series, something he understandably had to stay tight-lipped about. But he’s relishing new opportunities he’s worked hard to create. Raging Grace – as well as efforts on Wolfe , Sense8 and The End of the F***ing World – is clearly opening doors, and he’s confident that others have a greater chance to follow in his footsteps: “Before, people wouldn’t have been given opportunities, because they didn’t have money behind them. Now, you have the option to break into an industry space, without worrying about who the gatekeeper is,” he explains. “The advancement of social media means you can put yourself out into the world very easily; it’s the new word of mouth. Someone can see your work via an algorithm or share, and the next thing you know you’re in an office. Talent gets discovered in faster, newer ways, and it opens the door at younger ages,” he smiles. “The advancement of social media means you can put yourself out into the world very easily; it’s the new word of mouth. Talent gets discovered in faster, newer ways”

COVETED With an Arri camera obtained through CVP in his kitbag, Honeywell was in demand during rental house shutdowns

“It’s democratising filmmaking. I’ve made a two-hour film, but don’t fit the standard allegory of who a filmmaker is. Raging Grace had a producer and director from Asia and a black guy on the camera. There’s a new generation coming through – and there are no rules any more.”

CVP | ARRI CREATIVE SPACE 81 CHARLOTTE STREET Designed as an exclusive space for networking, workshops and events, this exciting collaboration between CVP and Arri presents the latest in Arri technology – including the Alexa Mini LF and Signature lenses. To book a demo, talk to one of our experts and explore the CVP | Arri Creative Space or Newman House showroom, call +44 (0) 208 380 7400 , email or visit


LIFE THROUGH A LENS After trying his hand at various roles, Honeywell is now a prolific DOP with exciting projects ahead


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