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STAY LOW In crafting the psychological horror of Raging Grace, Honeywell wasn’t afraid to get up close and capture raw emotion – all from a low-angle camera (above)

Over the years, Honeywell has assembled an impressive arsenal of kit – with CVP integral to making that happen. “They helped me get an Arri Alexa Mini LF during lockdown, so I could keep shooting when all the rental houses were shut. I kept getting emails from people who knew I had my own kit, asking me to go out and shoot plates. I ended up capturing empty London streets no one had been able to do before. I should have done more, to be honest! “Before that, I couldn’t actually work; plans weren’t getting off the ground. Once I bought the camera, I was able to get different projects moving forward when other DOPs couldn’t. I also cross-hired my camera to other productions, so started making the money back. “Without question, CVP has been an essential part of keeping me working,” Honeywell adds. “They’ve helped me create a corridor to break into long-form filmmaking. During Raging

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