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representative of our real world, like our work on Chernobyl or Last Night in Soho , or creative imaginings of new worlds, like Dune or Blade Runner 2049 . Being able to explore these realms in a shared and collaborative way will not only help to create outstanding films – it will also open the door to fresh interactive experiences. DAVID LEVY: Arri specialises in designing and manufacturing physical and digital tools, as well as solutions for content creation. Fortunately, this means we are in a privileged position to truly contribute to the development and growth of the metaverse, particularly as a more visual platform for storytelling. It is generally understood that the metaverse will be made up of virtual worlds. Some will be immersive, interactive, photorealistic digital environments, which will twin with

“It’s generally understood that the metaverse will be made up of virtual worlds. Some will be immersive... some will require the capture of real-time content”

JAMIE ALLAN: The term metaverse is a broad description of the many types of 3D virtual worlds we will see as an evolution of the web. One essential thing for this is for these worlds to have a common foundation of how they are presented, experienced and – most importantly – connected. In the early days of the internet, HTML was adopted – meaning every experience, on every website, from every browser became consistent. We need that kind of plumbing, so all virtual worlds provide a consistent experience. We believe Universal Scene Description (USD) will be the core of that.

those in the physical world. Some will require the capture of real-time content, such as sporting events, concerts and news. Arri’s understanding of digital photorealism and efficient high-quality content capture means we have a lot to offer across both areas of development. A fantastic example of this is our journey into virtual production and mixed reality. We’ve used our experiences and observations to refine, develop and establish workflows and standards. We’ve been able to deliver some of the most technologically advanced mixed reality studios in operation today.

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