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DIGITAL WORLDBUILDERS The VFX wizards at DNEG found critical acclaim and audience adoration with the Oscar-winning Dune – all brought to life with NVIDIA RTX

SEVEN-TIME ACADEMY Award-winning studio DNEG has given life to countless brilliant stories, including No Time to Die , The Matrix Resurrections and Dune . The post-production leader has also been at the forefront of implementing new technology, to scale efficiently and give artists the power to create from anywhere. Featuring stunning visuals of interstellar worlds, including colossal sand creatures, Dune captivated viewers around the world. The film picked up six wins, including best visual effects, at the 94th Academy Awards. Dune ’s production VFX supervisor, Paul Lambert, said his focus was on seamlessly augmenting and enhancing the beautiful production design and cinematography already accomplished – grounding the visual effects in reality. DNEG contributed to 28 sequences and over 1000 VFX shots in the film, and the artists worked from multiple locations using NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations. POWERFUL PERFORMANCE DNEG was one of the first studios to implement NVIDIA’s virtual GPUs at scale, with RTX Virtual Workstation software. An RTX-powered set-up delivers incredible flexibility, allowing DNEG to adjust the number of users on a server based on current workload. Virtual machines are also cost-effective. As newer GPUs and expanded software packages enter the data centre, DNEG can deploy these, maintaining optimal performance for each artist. “To give artists more compute power, we can easily increase NVIDIA vGPU profile

PERFECT CIRCLE NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is all about collaboration – an economic solution for a dynamic workplace

“We have advanced tools capable of delivering photorealistic environments and characters”

sizes and reduce the number of users on each server,” explains Daire Byrne, global head of systems at DNEG. “We don’t need to replace any equipment to keep working with maximum performance.” Because creators can securely log in from anywhere in the world, DNEG artists are empowered to work remotely, while still maintaining high productivity. A VIRTUAL FUTURE DNEG continues its pioneering work with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, as the studio looks to the future of connected, collaborative workflows. Omniverse helps the studio build massive virtual worlds, connect artists working around the globe and achieve high-performance, physically accurate simulations. “The virtual world is where filmmaking is going,” Paul Salvini, global CTO of DNEG, asserts. “We now have advanced tools

and technologies capable of delivering photorealistic virtual environments and digital characters, allowing us to create incredible, beautifully stylised worlds.” With a shift towards real-time tech and seamless, collaborative content creation pipelines, DNEG sees greater opportunities to interact with filmmakers and art teams across continents. This will allow for many more iterations, to accomplish artistic goals in a fraction of the time. Learn more about how DNEG is transforming global production workflows in the studio’s GTC session, now available on demand.

VISIONARY DNEG has received universal praise for Dune


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