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stop the balance shifting though – it was still tricky to operate, due to the size and weight of the camera, having such a long post just to balance the rig. I could always hold a steady, level shot, but if it was windy or a particularly hard shot where I was concentrating on something else, there were times I may have lost level a little. The Volt takes these little moments out, helping me concentrate on framing and timing. D: Steadicam shots in any movie mean working with the actors to get the best moves. How was that on No Time to Die ? JE: It’s important to have a connection with the actors. We have the best seat in the house, witnessing amazing

“One of the things I love about Steadicam is that it’s just me and the focus puller doing our thing. It can be a dance with the actors; all rhythm and timing”

performances, and it helps if they feel comfortable around you. As an operator, you need to ask them to change pace or where they’re standing, if the shot needs it. I was lucky to have a great relationship with Daniel Craig. In Scotland, I was filming handheld and running out of some woods that were completely filled with smoke. I couldn’t see two feet in front of me, veered off the narrow path and fell in a hole! When Daniel realised I wasn’t behind him, he came to see what happened and got sandbags to fill in the hole so I didn’t break my ankle. It was surreal to be helped out by James Bond! D: Having finished the movie, has it added to your Steadicam skill set? JE: I’ve been operating cameras and Steadicams for over 20 years, but still learn things most days, including a great deal on No Time to Die . Director Cary [Joji Fukunaga] was particular about operating and framing, and I was challenged on a daily basis. That’s good – I wanted to be pushed by someone and improve.

I also had to cope with the pressure of working on a film that big, trying not to be the reason why we had to do another take. We did some big sequences that were tough to operate at times, but when it all comes together it’s an amazing feeling. One of the things I love about Steadicam is that it’s just me and the focus puller doing our thing. It can be a dance with the actors; all rhythm and timing. D: How do you reflect on the experience shooting No Time to Die ? JE: Back in Australia, I always loved the Bond movies. When I decided to move to the UK, if anyone asked me why, I would say it was because I wanted to work on a Bond film. For it to actually happen was a dream come true. There was a lot of pressure, but with that came the immense satisfaction of getting it right. With such an iconic film series, it was an honour to work on it with a good bunch of people. An absolute career highlight. No Time to Die is free to stream on Amazon Prime Video

INTO THE WOODS On location in Scotland with Daniel Craig

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