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Key specifications

SENSOR TYPE Super 35 format Arri ALEV 4 CMOS MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PHOTOSITES 4608x3164 ACTIVE IMAGE AREA From 4.6K 3:2 Open Gate: 4608x3164 to 2K 16:9 S16: 2048x1152

AUDIO INPUT 1x Lemo 6-pin balanced stereo line in with 12v power output. 2x built-in microphones AUDIO OUTPUT SDI (embedded), 3.5mm stereo headphone jack (on MVF-2) INTERFACES 1x LBUS (Lemo 4-pin), 1x Serial (Lemo 4-pin) 1x TC (Lemo 5-pin) 1x ETH (Lemo 10-pin) 1x Sync in (BNC) 1x Ret in (BNC, switchable on SDI 2) 1x USB-C, 1x rear interface (18-pin Pogo) 1x top interface (5-pin Pogo) WIRELESS INTERFACES Built-in Wi-Fi module (IEEE 802.11b/g). Built-in white radio for Arri ECS lens and camera control LENS MOUNTS Arri LPL mount (LBUS) Arri PL to LPL adapter Arri PL mount (LBUS) Arri PL mount (Hirose) Arri EF mount (LBUS) Leitz M mount for Arri POWER INPUT 1x PWR (Lemo 8-pin) 1x BAT (camera rear interface/battery adapter) 20.5 to 33.6 V DC


EXPOSURE INDEX Adjustable from EI 160 to 6400 in 1/3 stops


MXF/Arriraw, MXF/Apple ProRes 4444 XQ, MXF/ Apple ProRes 4444, MXF/ Apple ProRes 422 HQ RECORDING MEDIA Codex Compact Drive 1TB or 2TB COLOUR OUTPUT Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, Rec. 2100 PQ, Rec. 2100 HLG, LogC4, Custom Look (Arri Look File ALF-4) WHITE-BALANCE Manual and auto, adjustable from 2000K to 11,000K in 10K steps.

“The eagle-eyed will notice a display on the left-hand side of the body that allows setting changes to be made without the viewfinder”

look, G733 Nostalgic softens and increases grain, while F567 Clarity sharpens and deepens blacks – to my ageing eyes, at least. There are more than these three to choose, so expect some time testing to decide on your favourite starting point. Certain features may be familiar to existing Arri users. The Alexa 35 uses the same MVF-2 viewfinder as the Alexa Mini LF, but this now offers HDR monitoring on top of SDR. Similarly, it supports 1TB and 2TB Codex Compact Drives. But the eagle-eyed will notice a new display on the left-hand side of the weather-resistant body that allows setting changes to be made without the viewfinder. That’s perfect if the camera is mounted to a drone, or for Steadicam use. Further additions include a pre-recording capability, additional user buttons and Advanced Color Match, which ensures footage from multiple Alexa 35s all look the same. A total of 19 recording formats are available, giving productions ultimate flexibility. For the sake of brevity, I won’t list them all, but it’s safe to say all bases are covered, including in-camera downsampling and anamorphic de-squeezing. Lens metadata can be recorded in

all common standards, then output as real-time streaming metadata to Arri’s plug-in for Unreal Engine. If it’s connections you seek, the Alexa 35 hits the spot. There are two SDI outputs, a sync in port for genlock, 12v and 24v power output connectors and the same time and audio connectors as the Mini LF. An ECS antenna provides wireless control with compatible units, the Ethernet port is ideal for real-time streaming, and Wi-Fi antennae provide remote control options. If that’s not enough, consider the AEM-1 optional accessory (see ‘Complete the set’ boxout). Wireless functionality is enhanced with the free Camera Companion app available for iOS and Android, and an Apple Watch version is in the works. The app, compatible with the Alexa Mini and Mini LF, has extra features like the ability to control multiple cameras at the same time, or send frame grabs from camera to phone – and offers a sensor-flip function, from normal to vertical orientation. The Alexa 35 is available for pre-order now, with delivery expected in July.

Colour correction adjustable range from -16 to +16 CC.

1 CC corresponds to 035 Kodak CC values or 1/8 Rosco values FILTERS Built-in motorised ND. Fixed optical low-pass, UV, IR IMAGE OUTPUT 2x VF custom CoaXPress connectors for MVF-2 viewfinder. 2x 12G-SDI (BNC): 422 1.5G HD, 422 3G HD, 444 3G HD, 422 6G UHD, 422 12G UHD, 444 12G UHD

POWER OUTPUT 1x RS (Fischer 3-pin) 1x 12v (Lemo 2-pin) 1x LBUS (Lemo 4-pin) 1x Audio (Lemo 6-pin) 1x ETH (Lemo 10-pin) MEASUREMENTS (HXWXL) 147x152.5x203mm WEIGHT Approx 2.9kg/6.4lb camera body with three antennae and LPL mount (LBUS)


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