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captured with an Alexa 35 can easily be intercut with older Alexa or Amira footage, while Alexa LF/ Mini LF Arri Raw files can use the Reveal Color Science workflow. The advancements result in better skin tones, improved colour saturation and more accurate colour tracking when footage is heavily over or underexposed. It should save time in the grade, too. TEXTURAL HEALING The Alexa 35 is the first model to feature Arri Textures, which enable you to bake specific looks into footage, just as you would if choosing a particular film stock. Previous models had a default applied, but here the choice is all yours. Textures essentially control the appearance of both grain and sharpness. The K445 Default setting provides a clean, smooth

Mode can be applied when using ISO 2560 or 6400 to deliver cleaner, less granular footage – unless you are going for that gritty and noisy look, of course. Allied to the sensor is a new image processor in the form of Reveal Color Science. This is built into the camera, but part of a wider suite of tools that will be available in third-party post-production solutions when processing Arri Raw files. Reveal includes an improved de-Bayering algorithm, for cleaner compositing that converts Raw data into native RGB image data; a new colour engine; wide-gamut colour space for faster grading; LogC4 encoding to contain increased dynamic range; and LogC4 LUTs for improved colour fidelity. The good news is that all these developments are also backwards-compatible – footage

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New features and functionality haven’t stopped at the Alexa 35 body – some tasty new accessories are lined up too. Let’s start with power, which comes from the latest B-Mount, developed in conjunction with Bebob. The Alexa 35 is a 24v camera, with the new mount supporting 3x as much power as existing 12v systems. B-Mount is not proprietary, it’s an industry-wide system with a number of companies in support, and all major battery manufacturers expected to be on board by the end of this year. The Alexa 35 is also the first to feature a modular design with optional electronic modules that offer expanded functionality, giving users the flexibility to have a small rig, or build it out. The Power Distribution Module (PDM-1) adds an extra seven power outputs, providing up to 150W of accessory power via 24v and 12v connectors, along with a D-Tap connection underneath. The Audio Extension Module (AEM-1), meanwhile, is made by Sonosax and has two channels of microphone preamp, a stereo digital input, two additional power outputs and a headphone socket. Alongside these, Arri has also produced two accessory sets. The Lightweight version is meant for owner-operators or smaller crews, and

WELL-CONNECTED Extensive input and output options mean the Alexa 35 is a versatile machine (below)

“The advancements result in better skin tones, improved colour saturation and more accurate colour tracking when footage is heavily over or underexposed”

comprises a lightweight, carbon-fibre top handle

with a choice of two shoulder pads. In contrast, the Production set offers a more traditional

camera production arrangement – with a viewfinder mounting bracket attaching to a larger top handle, the

third-gen compact bridge plate, a side bracket and articulated mounting plate.

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