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Interview a new world of possibilities for the people who use them. Testament to this is that globally we havemore than a quarter of Samsung employees engaged in research and development. Samsung’s heritage is in electronics rather than imaging: why shouldmore traditionally- minded photographers consider using a Samsung camera? We not only have great products and devices, but our lens range is an ever-growing system that consumers can be confident to growwith. Our brand is providing world’s first products and technologies to support consumers by ensuring they have the very best in photographic equipment for today’s connected world. Other camera manufacturers rely on technology ‘trickle down’ from their flagship pro digital SLRs to smaller compacts or CSCs. Does Samsung share technologies fromother non-imaging sectors? Yes, All-Share Play is an example of this and is a great way to share content with your other devices at home, making it easier to view photos with family and friends. For example, you just turn the mode dial on your camera to Wi-Fi mode and select All-Share Play. If you have a Samsung TV you’ll be prompted on the TV screen that the device is trying to connect with your TV and you can simply use the TV remote to view images or start a slide show. So what is a Smart camera? In our increasingly connected world, cameras are playing a more prominent role. Customers want to capture and share everyday life with their social networks, and want the process to be quick and easy. We identified this requirement and used our expertise in connectivity to introduce a range of Smart Cameras, which provide not only enhanced connectivity, but also smart technologies that let customers do more. With the release of the NX300 earlier this year, we introduced the next generation of Samsung Smart Cameras. Smart Camera 2.0 brought with it many new features as well as feature upgrades that allow users to share high-quality images directly from the camera, faster and easier than ever before. What are the key features of Smart Camera 2.0? The key elements are Auto Share, Mobile Link, Remote Viewfinder, All-Share Play, Social Sharing/ Email and Auto Backup. Two of the major challenges that customers face when using their digital camera are sharing and backing up their images safely, Auto Share and Auto Backup make this simplicity itself. Auto Share provides easy, direct sharing and sends photos, as they are taken, directly from the camera to a smartphone or tablet, via a direct Wi-Fi connection. This means that customers don’t need to be near a Wi-Fi hotspot, as they simply use the built-in Wi-Fi capability of the camera to share the images with their smartphone or tablet. The Auto Backup feature allows you to save all the images in the camera to a computer with a single touch, rather than having to remove the memory card or connect a cable. You simply turn the mode dial to Wi-Fi, select the Auto Backup icon and then follow the on-screen instructions. You can send up to 1000 files, giving you complete peace of mind. What about cameras for professional photographers? Samsung has plans to continually expand its NX line-


up including camera bodies, interchangeable lenses and accessories for future market expansion.

ABOVE To support the Galaxy NX, Samsung is growing its range of lenses. BELOW The NX300 isn’t just about the Smart features, it’s clever in other, more usual, photo ways too, such as a neat tilting rear screen.

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What would be your dream camera feature? i-Function is personally a dream come true. Our NX compact system camera range is supported by the world’s first i-Function lenses that allow users to change settings with their left hand using a button on the lens, without taking the camera off the target. And finally, what would you say to a photographer to convince them to try a more connected camera? Drop the lengthy manual, and forget the bulk. Just experience the future of photography with Samsung Smart Camera NX. Enjoy keeping connected and sharing your best photographic experiences wherever you go and whenever you want.

Age 30 CURRENT LOCATION London last picture taken Hampton Court HOBBIES? Movies, gym, food When youwere little, what did you want tobewhen yougrewup? Fighter pilot Bicycle or car? Car – Aston Martin please Dogs or cats? Dogs Toast or cereal? Toast in the morning, cereal in the evening Which Samsung cameradoyouuse the most? Currently I am using the NX300, its speed and accuracy give me exactly what I need when taking shots, but for when I am on the go, I use the Galaxy S4 Zoom – it’s in my pocket at all times.

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Samsung is really focused ondiscovering new technologies, products and services that will open a newworld of possibilities

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