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Paul Scott Samsung UK’s head of marketing for Digital Imaging talks exclusively to PN about his role and how the company is leading the way in camera design interview

Interview by Charlotte Griffiths

imaging by launching new products with excellent picture quality, great optical performance and convenient user interfaces. What do you feel is the biggest source of frustration for modern photographers? How is Samsung helping to overcome that? People take great photos but are sometimes limited by challenges to share their images. Samsung has opened this up by providing solutions to support photographers in taking high-quality photos wherever and whenever they like but also editing and sharing at the same time. What has been the reaction so far to the Galaxy NX? As the world’s first interchangeable lens camera with 4G and Android, it is really capturing the imagination of photographers to take the sharpest images, easily edit photos and share like never before. We were delighted to achieve the EISA Best Product of the Year award for Photo Innovation this year. Are there any aspects of the Galaxy NX that might have escaped notice but that you think deserve more recognition? The ability to directly share and store all your images to Dropbox, which is especially useful, and once uploaded you can also view your images from numerous devices. What’s the biggest challenge faced by Samsung’s Imaging Division at the moment? We want to ensure that all this advanced technology and new features for photography capture the imagination of every level of photographer and for them to understand that we provide them with the solutions for all their shooting situations. You’ve spent time in Korea at Samsung’s global HQ – what did you learn about the company? The passion and sheer determination of my colleagues to ensure that consumers get the very best photographic equipment. We are really focused on discovering new technologies, products and services that will open

A s a relative latecomer to the imaging market but an undeniable powerhouse of the smartphone industry, Samsung sits in an almost unique position with experience of developing and manufacturing both cameras and mobile devices, which they’ve used to good effect in their most recent product launches. Take the company’s recent Galaxy NX compact system camera: it doesn’t just boast class- leading imaging specs – it runs an Android operating system and plays host to all the app goodness normally found on a tablet or smartphone. Blurring the lines even further is the new phone-camera hybrid Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which has attracted both excited praise and slight puzzlement at its mould-breaking offerings. But what’s the future for photographers? Is convergence between the cutting-edge worlds of smartphones and cameras inevitable – and perhaps more importantly, what exactly does that mean for someone looking to buy a new camera? We speak with Paul Scott, head of marketing for Samsung UK’s Digital Imaging division, about the innovative electronics giant and its approach to modern camera craft. As head of marketing for Digital Imaging, what’s the primary focus of your job? Our vision at Samsung is to ensurewe are developing innovative technologies that create newmarkets and enrich photographers’ lives. We have a wide variety of devices and ranges all focused around imaging and offer the very best in photographic hardware with connectivity that provides simplicity. What do you think are the unique needs of the British photographic market? How do Samsung’s products meet those needs? We continually monitor trends and developments in various markets and Samsung only develops products that it feels will make a real difference to its consumers. Trends in the digital camera market continue to change. As digital devices evolve, the way of mobile communications is rapidly shifting from simple voice calls and text messaging to image-based interactions. With the rise of 4G connectivity this provides us with unique opportunities from simply shooting, to shooting, editing, sharing and sending. In 2013, we have built on our advances in digital

Wewant to ensure all this advanced technology andnew features capture the imagination of every level of photographer and for them to understand Samsung provides themwith solutions

TOP & ABOVE Launched earlier in 2013, the NX300 introduced the world to the next generation of Samsung cameras, Smart Camera 2.0, offering faster, easier direct sharing of images than ever before.

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