Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


Asian market, meaning anyone attempting to buy one from the Western world has been put off. Slow supply, lack of a widespread service network and even a proper distribution chain means Kinefinity’s earlier KineMini and KineMax 6K got good reviews but few risked buying them. You don’t want to be stranded with a broken or failing camera thousands of miles from any support. Of course, Internet warriors who attempted to buy the kit ganged up on Kinefinity, citing long lead times and sporadic communication. That’s what you get if you are buying from a company in Beijing and you’re in Birmingham or Baltimore. But now, that’s all changing. Kinefinity wants to be a serious player in the global cinema camera market and is getting serious about developing and promoting its cameras to an international audience. Word is the firm has had a huge injection of government

BELOW Modular, well- specified and coming to you soon: Kinefinity’s latest Terra 4K.

“Kinefinity wants to be a serious player in the global cinema cameramarket” money and is using it to built a new factory which opens in May, and set up international partners to sell and service the camera. If all this sounds far-fetched, all you have to do is think about Chinese tech start-up DJI which now dominates the global drone market and even owns Hasselblad. With a major stand at the NAB show in Las Vegas as well as a US distributor, and well-respected British firm ProAV now handling distribution and service in the UK, Kinefinity is a brand with big plans. And that includes more modular cameras, in both Super 35 6K and full-frame 8K guises, very soon.



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