Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018



SPECIFICATIONS Price: £3834/ $5390 body only. Pro Package, as tested, £7662/ $10,775 Sensor: 4K sub-S35mmCMOS, 1.85x crop factor Recording formats: ProRes 422HQ/ 422/ 422LT/ Proxy 10- bit MOV, Compressed Lossless KineRAW12-bit (firmware upgrade soon) File sizes andmax frame rates: 4K 4096x2160 75fps, 4096x1720 100fps, 3840x2160 75fps, 3840x1600 100fps Recordingmedia: 2.5in SSD Audio: In-cameramic, 3.5mm input jack, 48V phantompower XLRwith KineBACK ISO: Dual Native 800 and 3200. 320-20,480 Videomodes: Manual LUTs: Neutral, flat, custom3D Dimensions (WxHxD): 115x110x95mm/ 4.4x4.3x3.7in Weight: 990g/2.1lb body only Dynamic range: 14 stops Shutter angle: 0.7-358°

CHINESE REVOLUTION THE NEW Far Eastern firmKinefinity hopes to shake up the world of filmmaking with its affordable yet high-techmodular cameras

WORDS AND IMAGES ADAM DUCKWORTH T here’s no such thing as the perfect do-it-all camera. Some cameras may be designed for one specific use in which they excel, others for a more all-round use so they are good at newsgathering, cinematic moviemaking and everything in between. The thing is, these all- rounders often tend not to be the ideal tool for anything. They are a compromise. If you want a camera that can be set up for precisely what you want, then modular is the only way to go. That way, you can strip it down for super-light or stealthy use, perhaps on a gimbal or big drone. Or rig it up for shoulder-mount use. Or accessorise it for tripod- mounted use for the full Hollywood movie productions. Of course,

you’ll want the choice of ultimate quality Raw files or something that’s smaller and faster to edit without compromising on quality, such as a high bit-rate ProRes codec. If this is what you’re after, then until now your choice has been very, very limited to exotic, high-price brands like RED or perhaps ARRI. And fully rigged up, these can cost well into the price you could buy a very nice car for. Therefore, well out of the reach of most independent filmmakers. But now you have a choice, from little-known but fast-expanding Chinese firm Kinefinity. The brand has been around for a few years, and brought out a handful of high- spec cameras at very reasonable prices. But it has focused on the

BELOW Expand your options with the KineBack, which offers XLR inputs, phantom power and Wi-Fi.



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