Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


the things that most creative people loathe, and I’ve built a team that’s based around the core business of video production. My role is producer and in-house I have what I call ‘shooters,’ editors, post-production people, effects and graphic designers. We even have our own in-house (freelance) composer now, so the team is nicely rounded. If we require any additional elements in a production then we have a network of people we can dip into. “The atmosphere is great: everyone is very professional and there’s a lot of mutual help going on all the time, none of it usually being charged for unless the job becomes live. The beauty is that each member of the collective is passionate about their work and that’s infectious. It creates a willingness to get involved in each other’s projects, because it becomes a passion to the whole team.”

takes on the responsibility for such things as rent and insurance, with freelancers then renting a desk in the space. The right mix of talent is crucial, however, which is why so much care is taken in choosing who can join this informal teamwhen an opportunity arises. “I never advertise the space,” Martin says. “Instead it’s all done by word of mouth or through personal introductions. We’re a close-knit business and it’s crucial that everyone fits in. Those who work here are given the freedom to come and go as they please and the office is available 24/7, which ties in with the fact that we have a family-like sense of trust here. “The great thing about the team here is they are all passionate filmmakers and creatives. What I’m offering to people is a platform based around the Yodo name that will enable them to reach far higher up the chain. I’ve taken on the budgeting and administration,

focus of where I needed to be. I also found it frustrating that some members of staff appeared to lose the will to work once they had the safety net of being fed work. “I admire the way that freelance staff battle on and remain motivated and they’re also very focused. They’re reliant on their own reputation in this industry to keep working and get the next job in, while, for me, it means that I only pay for the labour I need or use and I don’t have to carry anyone. We also share resources and, with the structure Yodo provides, together we can make far bigger productions happen due to the talent and resources at our disposal. In addition, we can pass on savings to the client and give them better value for money as our overheads are so much lower.” Making it work The way that Yodo works is Martin runs a fully working office and



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