Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


COMPANY OF EQUALS BETTER TOGETHER Yodo Creative has an unusual ethos in that it’s a loose co- operative of creatives coordinated by CEOMartin Butcher who come together to collectively tackle assignments


F ilmmaking is often a when they’re commissioned, rather than being a permanent set- up of people employed full-time by a single company. There are pros and cons with both approaches, of course. But there is a middle way - a company only in name, with all the people needed for a creative team under one roof but where collaborative business where bespoke teams might be assembled for jobs as and

everyone still retains the flexibility that comes from being freelance. This novel way of working was conceived seven years ago by Martin Butcher, and since then his business, Yodo Creative, has firmly established itself as a one-stop shop for all kinds of filmmaking projects, ranging frommusic videos to commercial campaigns for the likes of Aston Martin. While an unusual way of operating, this co-operative has shown that the concept can work, providing that mutual trust, respect and the right mix of talents underpin the whole enterprise. “I come from a photographic background,” says Martin, “but was looking to move across into motion. When the opportunity came along to start my own company I wanted to give it a go, but I’ve never wanted to be an all-rounder so instead I looked at ways that I might instead use the best and most talented people for

BELOW Team work makes the dream work! Assembling like-minded creatives quickly is key.

“We share resources, and together we can make far bigger productions”

particular jobs. I knew I wouldn’t initially have the resources to pay salaries, and overheads weren’t something that I wanted to be taking on. So my business model became one where I worked with freelancers based at my office. “The other big reason I went down this route is that by working this way I don’t have to constantly deal with people issues and a lack of motivation. I spent years in businesses where the majority of my day was dealing with internal niggles between staff and departments, and it took away the



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