Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


IMAGES As well as shots of the riders in action, getting a good range of behind-the-scenes images from a motorsport event is part of the job for Jonty and the rest of the team at Future7media. services, with a strong focus onmoving footage alongside photography as well as writing and social media management services.” According to Jonty, the five key ingredients for effective social media management are knowledge, creativity, moving images, still images and writing skills. “In particular, moving images are key to effective communications,” he says, “and offering this facility as an in-house service is something we’ve done for the last two years. Crucially, however, we never simply hand a finished edit over to a client and say ‘thanks for your business’. It has to be amuchmore involved process of understanding what they’re wanting to do with that finished edit. Consulting with clients and explaining how best tomaximise the visibility of an edit is something we do a lot of. “The last ten years or so have arguably seen some of the biggest ever changes to the global media, communications and technology landscapes. So there’s been plenty of learning, head scratching, some trial and error and a lot of evolving. But also some great opportunities.” Knowing themarket So often the key to running a successful business is to be themaster of a particular niche that you happen to knowmore about than virtually anyone else. So it is with Enduro: while just an element of the overall motorcycle sporting scene it’s nevertheless an important one with a lot of international interest, but the outsider with no inside knowledge would struggle tomove in and

to fully comprehend its complexities and challenges. For a start the level of access granted to those who are covering the events is incredible compared to some other sports, but with that close contact there’s a need for mutual respect and for the participants to believe that those behind the cameras know exactly what’s going on and can anticipate what might happen next. That’s something that only comes with experience and there’s a lot to learn. Enduro is like car rallying, with the riders on themove all day, and often it’s an endless, eight-hour cycle of chasing, trying to get ahead, shooting footage and pictures and then trying to get ahead of themagain. That’s tricky, and good planning and a great deal of homework before each event is essential. “Aside frombeing aware of where we need to be, the next biggest challenge is



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