Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


T he key thing that defines themodern communications world is that it’s continually evolving at breakneck speed and those that can’t read the relevant signals in time risk getting left behind or finding their work streams drying up. To be successful in this sector you have to be prepared to regularly reinvent yourself and to learn fresh skills to stay ahead of the game. Jonty Edmunds who runs the Future7Media communications agency is fully aware of this mantra, having seen his previously highly successful business – as a freelance photojournalist specialising in a niche off-roadmotorcycle discipline named Enduro – take a hit following the financial crash in 2008. Having been a keen participant in the sport himself while growing up inmidWales, he had intimate inside knowledge of its particular demands, but the cold fact of professional life was

that the crisis in themoneymarket had shut several magazines down while those that were left were cutting budgets and had largely stopped buying from contributors. “Things clearly had to change,” says Jonty. “So I set up Future7media and began a journey of self-publishing. I launched a website named enduro21. comandmoved away from the gerbil’s wheel of constant editorial submissions to start working with companies from within themotorcycle industry. Initially, it was a case of repackaging images and words that had previously gone to editorial clients and supplying them to industry/ corporate clients. That’s now evolved to the point where the company is a niche communications agency, specialising in off-roadmotorcycle sport. “To cope with these new demands the teamhas grown to be seven-strong and we’re offering an expanded list of

“There’s been plenty of learning, a bit of head scratching, some trial and error and a lot of evolving”



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