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Based on the classic G-DRIVE design, the G-DRIVE PRO SSD is a workhorse designed for intensive daily use. At its heart is an Enterprise-class SSD with an endurance rating of one Drive Write Per Day. With a traditional SSD you measure life in the amount of terrabytes that you can write to it, which would normally be around 500TB, but with an Enterprise- class SSD that number rises to 14,000TB. So if you’re a video editor sitting at a work station who will be hammering your storage device day in, day out, with high res content being read and written, this is the SSD you want to be working with. It’s possible to achieve a higher speed in a single drive chassis than with a fully loaded 8 bay 96TB G-SPEED SHUTTLE XL, which tops out at 2000MB/s, while a further benefit is that there are two TB3 ports on board the G-DRIVE PRO SSD, allowing daisy chaining if required to boost capacity. The device is also small enough that you could drop it in your bag and move from location to location. The device comes in capacities ranging from 960GB, with further capacities of 1.92TB, 3.84TB and 7.68TB

you can simply edit multi-stream Raw footage directly from the drive, making it the perfect tool for bleeding-edge 8K and VR jobs. One of the key benefits of this new unit is its ability for SSDs to be swapped out for any higher capacity units that might become available in the future, while there’s also an ev Bay adapter that will slot into an available drive bay, enabling data from a wide range of ev Series drives and readers to be quickly offloaded. Despite the fact that the capability of the G-SPEED SHUTTLE SSDmakes it suitable for even the most demanding storage and editing requirements it’s still small enough to be considered eminently portable, and to ensure its safety in the field there’s a dedicated Pelican case available. The 8TB model is £4399.95/$5099.95, while the 16TB version is £6569.95/$7599.95, with the Peli case costing £259.95/$299.95, available now. Three amazing products utilising the full potential of the Western Digital expertise, exactly the kind of powerful, adaptable and reliable devices the modern filmmaker requires to run an efficient and high-speed workflow supporting today’s high performing cameras.

and prices are £1,199.95/$1399.95, £1,799.95/$2099.95, £3,549.95/$4099.95 and £6,569.95/$7599.95 respectively, with the product available now. At the top of the range and designed for filmmakers working on huge, data-heavy projects, is the G-SPEED SHUTTLE SSD – 8 SATA SSDs in a portable RAID unit. Designed to be the ultimate powerhouse for high-speed, high-res editing and consistent 2800 Reads and Writes, this is a bulletproof edit station to go. In user terms this equates to the capacity to move a terabyte of data in around seven minutes, blisteringly fast, enough to keep up with even the likes of a RED 8K camera, without any kind of a slowdown or low bandwidth issues. Furthermore, there’s no need for proxies;

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