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Keepingpace withprogress

As the filmmaking world becomes ever more data hungry, companies such as G-Technology are providing the solutions required to keep pace, as three headline launches at NAB 2018 demonstrated

T hanks to rapidly evolving ever-higher resolution and quality thresholds to be achieved. The NAB Show in Las Vegas involved lots of talk about such things as 8K productions, while 4K is now an accepted norm across the board in professional cameras, with Raw poised to become a more mainstream format and VR requiring the use of multiple cameras. Highlights of NAB 2018 included RED launching its new Gemini 5K S35 sensor with REDCODE RAW file format, while Apple’s announcement of its groundbreaking Pro Res RAW and RAW HQ codecs further promoted the feeling that Raw is about to gain the prominence within filmmaking that it’s long had in still photography. Even though the data rates of the new codecs are impressive, they will still push the limits of storage media. None of these exciting developments could be taking place without the necessary storage solutions being available, and against all of the hullaballoo around the show floor G-Technology was unveiling three utterly groundbreaking new products. All offer Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and insane read speeds of technology, filmmakers are now faced with a range of options at the shooting stage, enabling

up to 2800 MB/s – that’s an eye-watering five times faster than the 560MB/s speed reached by the G-DRIVE MOBILE SSD R-Series – along with comprehensive five-year warranties. Each new product comes with USPs that make it perfect for a particular sector or job requirement, and their development was only possible since G-Technology, alongside the likes of SanDisk, is part of “None of these exciting developments could be taking place without the storage solutions” the giant Western Digital set-up, enabling access to a vast reservoir of technological expertise. The company has more patents than anyone in the world apart from Google and Apple, and that allowed G-Technology’s product developers to acquire input and resource from across the entire business. In turn that situation has allowed great strides in data storage to be achieved in a relatively short space of time.

ABOVE The G-Drive Pro SSD is small enough to be dropped into a bag, and comes with capacities up to 7.68TB.

The Power of Three For those looking for a ‘pick up and go’ data storage product the G-DRIVE MOBILE PRO SSD is the perfect choice. A portable powerhouse designed for editing on the go, the product is rugged, drop- proof and crush-proof although, unlike the smaller R-Series, it’s not waterproof since the TB3 port itself can’t be made watertight. That small consideration apart, this new product, which utilises an aluminium enclosure for protection and heat dissipation for consistent writes – bleeding out heat as fast as it can be added - offers blisteringly fast 2800R/2200W speeds, making this what is considered by G-Technology to be the fastest portable SSD on the market. The design of the newMOBILE PRO SSD is based on the latest NVME PCI Express technology that matches high-speed media to the high-speed potential of Thunderbolt 3. It will be available in 500GB and 1TB capacities, with 2TB to follow. The cost of the initial two capacities will be £569.95/$649.95 and £899.95/$1049.95 respectively, available in the summer.



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