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KINO FLO DIVA LITE 21 £1,600/$2000

SPECIFICATIONS Mount: Centremount with integrated handle Weight: 5kg/11lbs Power: 1.25A draw CRI: 95 Colour temperature: 2700-6500K Battery: Rechargeable HOW IT RATES Features: 8/10 Great specification for the price Performance: 8/10 Excellent studio and location performance Handling: 8/10 Sturdy, lighter than its predecessor and packedwith features Value formoney: 9/10 If you can afford it, this is one of the best lights to invest yourmoney in PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 8/10 Pros: Great all-rounder and good value Cons: Could still dowith being lighter

lights, fire and lightning. There’s also a magenta/green hue angle control to match up with lighting on different locations, and the ability to increase or decrease saturation levels. The light is dimmable, with a nice smooth drop-off at the lower end, and in white mode it has a range of Kelvin settings from 2700-6500K, which extends to 2500-9900K in colour mode. Scroll through different colour temperatures and brightness levels via the button on the side, while pushing it in allows you to switch between a slow or a fast scrolling speed. This is a sturdy product, and feels as though it would be very much at home in the studio or capable of taking punishment in the field. For the price it’s built to a very high spec, with Kino Flo claiming the units should last for at least seven to 10 years. The light is efficient and punchy, drawing 150Watts of power, and it comes with a CRI rating of 95. Being DMX ready, the light can be operated wirelessly via Bluetooth from a small radio antenna on the back, and there’s the option to add a SnapBag softbox. The Diva Lite 21 can also be battery-powered for up to 70 minutes at full output from a battery that has a 90-minute charge time, so it’s hard to argue with the manufacturer’s claim that this is the highest calibrated unit at the lowest price point on the market.

This well-specified light from highly- regarded German manufacturer Kino Flo is the latest iteration of the original two- foot by one-foot Diva Lite 20. Weighing in at around 5kg/11lbs, it’s 1.5kg/3.3lbs lighter than the previous version and features a new slimline design that has done away with the plastic shell to give it a slimmer profile. In most other ways the Diva Lite 21 offers the same features as its predecessor, which won best of show awards for lighting and production at NAB 2016. It features a standard centre mount so it can be positioned vertically and horizontally, and there’s a new integrated handle on the rear to make it easier to carry around the studio or on location. It’s been described as the Swiss Army knife of lights because it comes packed full of features that can be used to create a plethora of lighting set-ups. These can be accessed through a built-in contoller on the back of the light, with buttons that are tactile and largely intuitive to use. There’s a clean, simple menu structure, which enables operators to easily flick between different modes - white, RGB colour and gels/hue colour - and then to navigate within those modes. Switching to the RGB or gels/ hues modes gives a range of colour alternatives. More than 100 traditional gels can be selected, with the option to select special effects including police



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