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If you’re filming in the studio or in an interior location then there’s a wide range of LED fixtures to choose from. We take a look at some of the best STUDIO LED LIGHTS


W hile high frame rates and 4K have grabbed the and even HMI lights towards the exit door. More powerful and robust than ever before, the advantage of LEDs over conventional methods, such as heat-free operation, the ability headlines in recent years, the lighting world has been enjoying its own revolution as advances in LED technology have nudged old fluorescent, tungsten

to be colour adjusted and low running costs, is really starting to show, and there’s no shortage of innovative new products coming through on a regular basis. We’ve pulled together a selection of the latest products at a wide selection of price points, covering everything from entry level through to advanced professional kit. See if there’s something here that could do a sterling job for your business.

SPECIFICATIONS Size: 125x75.4x2.3cm/49x29.5x0.9in Weight: 12.5kg/27.5lb Power: 520W CRI: 91@3200, 94@5600 Colour temperature: 3000-5600K Battery: Yes, using 24-28V powerbank HOW IT RATES Features: 7/10 Does the basics very well but doesn’t come with any RGB or hue options Performance: 9/10 A bright, big, even soft light powered by a very cool and relatively quiet motor Handling: 7/10 Feels a little like it’s been over-thought – the design could be simplified Value formoney: 9/10 You get a huge light for a reasonable amount of cash PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 8/10 Pros: Once set up it’s easy to use, with a good range of positions Cons: Somewhat fiddly to set up, no colour options and not particularly cheap

DMG LUMIERE MAXI SWITCH £2500/$2612 plus £400/$579 forMaxi Switch control panel

The control panel can be mounted to the back of the panel. It provides a Wi-Fi hotspot option that can be controlled from a smartphone via an app as well as wired and wireless DMX control through a Lumen radio receiver. It can take 24-28V batteries or be powered by the optional 100-24V Maxi Power Supply. The interface, whilst not particularly aesthetically pleasing, is easy to use, with a soft switch button to move from colour temperature to power, and a big red scroll wheel which can be set to a fine control to shift in small increments or a more coarse setting to move quickly to different levels. You can also add pre- sets for specific colour temperatures and intensity levels, so you can quickly jump

Boasting a staggering 8640 LEDs with a max power output of 520W this is a BIG light source. For a light of this size, a weight of less than 13kg/28lb is not too bad and once assembled it’s a versatile bit of kit. The light is made up of two panels, connected by a smart hinge. The yoke enables the panels to be rotated through 360 degrees and the hinge enables the pair to be locked in any position between flat and fully open, offering the chance to create a number of different lighting set- ups, such as a book light. It offers a 3000- 5600K colour range and is dimmable between 0-100. The panels can also be split to operate as two independent units. It has a high CRI rating of 96/94, indicating a high rendition of colour.

to themwithout having to scroll through the range. It’s a very powerful light that will meet the specific needs of higher-end lighting professionals, but it’s not aimed at the generalist.


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