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Hague Camera Supports

The Hague K2 Junior Jib is a nimble camera crane that’s quick and straightforward to set up. It attaches to any robust tripod and accommodates cameras up to 3kg, featuring an effortless camera-tilt control. The camera plate connects to the jib arm directly using the accompanying thumb screw. The counterbalance arm can be fixed and comes with a delicate fine-tuning weight. Standard bar weights (not supplied) are added to the back’s weight plate to achieve perfect balance.

GETTING SOME ALTITUDE Even a fairly small jib can give your shot a serious lift

Introducing Trax, the latest addition to the Agito Modular Dolly System – a cutting- edge camera tracking dolly providing smoothness and accuracy. Combining Trax with the Tower and remote head yields complete movement precision. Ideal for studio or on-location use, Trax offers safety features, flexibility and ease. MOTION IMPOSSIBLE

Shotover The lightweight and versatile Shotover M1 gimbal is widely utilised in fast- paced production shoots, wildlife documentaries, high-speed pursuits, natural disaster filming and more. With its look-down capability, range of movement and next-generation Shotover technology, the M1 offers flexibility to filmmakers. Its compatibility with aircraft, camera cars, sailboats and modular dolly systems further expands its application, allowing users to bring their creative visions to life with exceptional adaptability.

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