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commercial production, ENG markets and beyond. Its offerings include various top-plate options that facilitate easy mounting on land, sea or air platforms. Significant enhancements include the popular six-axis gyro-stabilised Shotover M1. ”We recognised that as gimbals evolve, users desire shots that are truly unique and unprecedented,” explains Gordon Barry, VP of gimbal sales at Shotover. “This leads to pushing the limits beyond the original design specification. To address this, we’ve introduced steel bevel gears and pinions with a nitrided coating on all three axes. We’ve also secured the motor shaft near the pinion and implemented a protective carrier to route cables through the arms to the gimbal ball. This all minimises wear, enhances reliability and longevity and meets the requirements of our customers who constantly push the boundaries of what is achievable.” Of course, at entry level, a grip’s ‘toolkit’ ranges from gaffer tapes and knives to clamps, but such is their importance on set, they get to operate the more exciting stuff too. Let’s take a look…

without whom none of the above would be possible: the grip. The consensus on every movie set is that grips are the unsung heroes. From transporting equipment to holding lights and other objects for scenes to be shot, they also arrange for and provide anything that is needed on site. THE ULTIMATE AUXILIARY To list a grip’s day-to-day activities would not only be impossible but wouldn’t do them justice. But to give you an idea, the job description involves arranging, supervising and maintaining the equipment necessary to support the camera – such as cranes, tripods, tracks, jibs, dollies and process trailers. In addition, they oversee an array of lighting equipment such as stands, nets and diffusers. However, they are not only employed for their logistical and organisational skills, grips are technical too. While the DOP and

director consider the artistry of shots, grips work out how they should mobilise the camera to make it happen. A variety of gear is needed to efficiently realise whatever’s been envisioned. Shotover Systems has a reputation for its versatile suite of gyro-stabilised camera systems, catering to the needs of cinema,

RIGGED TO GO From cranes to dollies, if it supports a camera then it’s the grip’s business

“To list a grip’s day-to-day activities would not only be impossible but wouldn’t do them any justice”

Grip Factory Munich The GF-Quad Dolly comes with additional accessories such as a turnstile mount, Euro-adapter mount, connector set for track or skateboard wheels, a set of track-wheels, a set of levelling legs, GF-Quad push bar and platform set.


The Matthews Studio Equipment CNC-machined monitor mount is a sturdy, adaptable and compact option. This non-cast mount accommodates monitors up to 30kg (65lbs)v and fits light stands, C-stands or any device with a 5/8in baby pin. The mount folds flat and can be employed with the Baby Grid Clamp by Matthews for truss mounting.


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